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    Another thing that makes me wonder about brain trauma after listening to the Buddhist is that I am hyper-aware. I can taste things others "don't", hear things others can block out, and see specifics. It's useful if a cat finds himself trapped in the closet, and would be useful if I were lost in the woods, but it's pretty stressful. I just had a ticket from someone who asked how to do a thing. There's a button that says $DoTheThing. I have often wondered if people just don't try to see things, but I think it may be me. I'm amazing at spotting visual pattern differences, which of course makes me an excellent packer. Although, from what I understand, people with strokes that have these problems of hyper awareness are really specific in drawings of their surroundings. I think I often have issues conveying things, which may be a separate issue entirely. And, of course, everyone is different. It just has me thinking.

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    Any Thai speakers around here have any thoughts on https://support.nagios.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=45705&start=9999#bottom ?

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    Dharmapunx NYC and Brooklyn - Dharmapunx NYC and Brooklyn - http://dharmapunxnyc.podbean.com/feed/ This is the feed of the Buddhist I mentioned. Way more scientific than I would have thought. Also, dude says fuck a bit but really has nothing to do with punk.

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    https://nu.federati.net/url/70278 I remember seeing this food truck listed, but honestly being a food truck almost makes me not want to eat there. The whole artificial scarcity thing is a real turn off to me. I get that food trucks might not be literally artificial, as they are cheaper they real estate, but I guess I just assume there will be a line and limited vegetarian options, so why bother?

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    Why would I want to be notified if I respond to one of my own posts? Isn't it bad enough I'm responding to my own post?

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    FLOSS Weekly 451: Oracle Open Source https://twit.tv/shows/floss-weekly/episodes/451

    Bob Quillin is vice president of software development for the Oracle Container Group, where he is responsible for the products and team from the StackEngine acquisition by Oracle in December 2015. Vish Ishaya Abrams is part of the team behind the three open-source container tools Oracle released last month: Smith (a secure microcontainer builder), Crashcart (a microcontainer debugging tool), and Railcar (an alternative container runtime).

    Hosts: Randal Schwartz and Dan Lynch

    Guests: Bob Quillin and Vish (Ishaya) Abrams

    Download or subscribe to this show at https://twit.tv/shows/floss-weekly

    Here's what's coming up for FLOSS in the future.

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    The interesting thing about the timeline though is I didn't really start having health issues, mental, or otherwise, until leaving #Baltimore. I believe it was in October after we moved to #Cincinnati in late June. Of course, I've been diagnosed with GERD, which I think was a lot of the issue in Cincy, and it's possible I had some GERD issues in #NewHampshire. Then I was diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency, which apparently tons and tons of people have. I've been trying to get probiotics going because Wendy wanted to cut out yogurt due to sugar. This is why I asked about kombucha. I did buy some kombucha this morning, and I do feel better, but also not having that test hanging over my head probably helped. Also, our CTO was back today which meant the workload was not so shittastic. Part of me wants to keep a spreadsheet, and part of me wants to just work through things. Probably working through things makes the most sense because I'm sure I'll skip days on the spreadsheet and then the data will be difficult to use.

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    I've been listening to this Buddhist teacher who is a counselor that appears to study #neurobiology. It's very fascinating. It also has me wondering what a brain scan of me would show. I've definitely had a fair few #concussions and it's possible they started quite early in life. I was about to enter the 4th grade when I blacked out the only time I ever have (although some of my earliest concussions, should they exist were from early enough that I don't remember...you know like a year and such). Essentially, there's a lot of talk about the left brain and right brain and I can't remember which is which, but apparently normally humans want people to listen and not judge and to not try to fix things. Women stereotypically complain that men do this, of course. This is, however, genuinely not true of me. I really do want someone to solve my problems. It's also interesting how people often talk about how they don't regret taking risks and such, but I do regret leaving Epic and several other things. I did sustain several (a few, a couple...I remember two very distinctly) concussions in law school though.

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    My cat is confused by these time signature changes. He's all like, it's fast, it's slow. MAKE UP YOUR FUCKING MIND. Grindcore though. He's totally cool with that.

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    Today we took this test, and things did not go well, but it doesn't sound like anyone was happy with the results. It was super real life though...no Internet. lol.

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    Playing video games tomorrow would be nice, but not worth doing work at home. I could just play video games here.

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    reminds me of Thrice. Not quite as heavy as some of the early stuff and not as progressive as the later stuff, but definitely some of the "All That's Left" period: https://powdertheband.bandcamp.com/ !ccmusic

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    is it hard or gross to make #kombucha? gross is a relative term, but let's make it more clear what I am asking: is this something my wife is going to let me do?

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    reminds me a bit of early Avenged Sevenfold: https://expainband.bandcamp.com/album/pinching-nerves !metal !ccmusic

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    only one !nagioscore on the board if anyone wants to take a stab: http://support.nagios.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=45222&start=9999#bottom

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    Thought of a fix for the bandcamp issue. It's not perfect, but the original wasn't 100% perfect anyway. It's possible this one is better, although it won't work as well across months.

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    From GNU Social :

    RT @thatbrickster Bad news guys, I can no longer mock pineapple on pizza. I used to do it because I had never had it. #cw And it was nice.

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    bandcamp's changes have messed up being able to use time-based search. I suppose I'm not a #ccma judge anyway, so what does it matter really?

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    Douglas A. Whitfield (https://nu.federati.net/musicman) started following Coolio! (https://gs.smuglo.li/pento).