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I do A&R work for in Minnesota, Kentucky, DMV (DC, Maryland, Virgina), and North Carolina.

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    probably most have heard about this effort, but in case not:
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    I know people are going to be creeped out by location sharing, but...
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    Is the JMS client #freesoftware or is it part of the Confluent nonsense? #apachekafka

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    not sure if this is a department count, system count, hospital count, or what, but apparently University of #Minnesota has 10 days of masks left.

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    What components would you expect to see in an #opensource #ApacheKafka implementation (aka not #Confluent)?

    #KafkaConnect and #Zookeeper are the only two I have right now. I am aware of KIP 500.
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    Are trails and such still open in #Duluth #Minnesota? I have never been, so I don't know what is maintained by state, etc.

    I'm considering quarantining up there next week.
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    Are trails and such still open in #Duluth? I have never been, so I don't know what is maintained by state, etc.
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    Anybody know if this is an #opensource install method, or do you need to use ? #chef

    "Install it from source
    Note that installing from OS packages from the download page is the preferred method.

    That requires bundler:

    bundle install
    bundle exec bin/inspec help
    To install it as a gem locally, run:

    gem build inspec.gemspec
    gem install inspec-*.gem
    On Windows, you need to install Ruby with Ruby Development Kit to build dependencies with its native extensions."
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    Anybody know any musicians in
    #Alaska, #Hawaii, #Arizona or #NewMexico?
    Not know-of. KNOW. Like, you can get me in direct contact with them.

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    I think a customer may have split line endings (CR/LF type stuff). I can change the ALL the line endings in Notepad++, but I want to just make a single change. How do I do that?

    I have access to Linux, Windows, and Mac, so I can use probably any gratis tool out there…if I really need BSD, I can make that happen.
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    If all goes according to plan, the #CCCMA (#CreativeCommons Community Music Awards) will have a new set of regions for the US of A next year. We are going to try to get these regions smaller. Since the steering committee is based in the US, we are starting there.

    I have people I would like to ask about regions for all of the regions except the following two:

    #Hawaii and #Alaska (#Honolulu #Maui #Nome #Anchorage)
    #NewMexico and #Arizona (#Phoenix #Tempe #Albuquerque #SantaFe)
    Things could change, but if you want to know how things are working for this year’s version, here’s a blog I wrote:
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    Anybody know how well this works in 2020? #linux

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    Starting to think about doing CC Community Music Awards by state for the 2022 edition. If we did that, would anyone be interested in taking a state? I'm not asking for you to commit right now. I'm just trying to gauge interest.

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    Anarchists For Bernie

    David Rovics just sent this out...

    Since only recently discovering the social media platform, Reddit, I have been posting various things to various sub-Reddits, depending on the subject matter of whatever I'm posting. Knowing it was possibly going to be considered unwelcome on the very popular Anarchism sub-Reddit, I posted a song I just wrote, called "Bernie 2020." It got some positive response from some folks, as it did on other platforms. (I haven't sung it to a live audience yet.) But then it got taken down by the moderators of the Anarchism sub-Reddit, because it's about electoral politics.

    Let me say at the outset, for any of you who are moderators of the Anarchism sub-Reddit, this is not at all a dig at you -- I understand these spaces need structure and moderation in order to flourish, and I appreciate your efforts. I already thought my post might be removed, or at least roundly criticized, for liberalism or whatnot. But the experience, along with a conversation I've been having with my friend Peter Werbe, an editor of the Fifth Estate newspaper, has inspired me to share some thoughts.

    I suppose the intended audience for what I'm saying here are mainly my fellow anarchists, particularly in the US -- along with anyone else who might be interested, of course. But especially anyone out there who is generally too far left to bother with voting.

    I am an anarchist, or a libertarian socialist, if you like -- take your pick of terms. Either of these terms means different things to different people at different times, in different situations, and nothing is ever as concrete as people would like to believe. But for me, and for many others, the term "anarchist" is shorthand for one who believes that society would work best if it were horizontally organized, in the form of collectively-owned and collectively-managed enterprises of all varieties.

    It also tends to indicate one who, like me, has a deep distrust in the possibility that severely hierarchical institutions like the US federal government can possibly be reformed. This distrust among anarchists of reformist movements dates back at least to the aftermath of the Europe-wide rebellions of 1848, which saw many reforms in many governments, none of which managed to eliminate the widespread poverty and misery of most of the European laboring classes in the decades following 1848.

    Indeed, on every continent save Antarctica, the histories of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries are full of reformers in government with apparently good intentions, failing to deliver on them. History is also full of reformers who did deliver on reform, such that their populations often saw their lives improve dramatically -- only for the great leaders of social and economic reform to turn out to be genocidal maniacs, intent on world or regional domination, such as Franklin Roosevelt or Saddam Hussein.

    History also gives us some prominent examples of how the failure of social democratic governments to provide for their populations gave rise to fascist movements. Notable occasions include Italy in the 1920's, Germany in the 1930's, and right now, in an ongoing process with an undetermined outcome in India, Brazil, the Philippines and the United States, to name four fairly major countries.

    But for those of us who have an outlook that we would describe as anarchist or socialist, or for anyone who is most especially opposed to the possibility of fascism, it seems most crucial to me that we note the following: in instances where social democratic rule has been instrumental in maintaining relatively prosperous societies for the past few decades, we do not see fascist movements of any significant size -- such as in Denmark, Norway, or Switzerland. In countries with social democratic governments that have more fully embraced privatization and other neoliberal reforms, fascist movements have much more fully taken root -- such as, once again, in Italy, along with other countries I've already mentioned, particularly my own.

    I travel and play music for a living, more or less, mainly in Europe and North America, so I'm also talking from direct, first-hand knowledge here, when it comes to 21st century developments, not just what I've processed second-hand.

    Our Orangeman was the natural outcome of decades of neoliberalism and austerity. In Europe, it's common knowledge that the fascist movements got their big boost with the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, which here in the US the media generally refers to as a "recession," while they refer to our economy as "booming" -- in stark contrast to what most people are experiencing, and what most people can see when they look around them, if they don't live in a gated community.

    Point is, there are different forms of governments, much as I'd prefer neither rule by corporations -- which make no pretense of representing anyone's interests but their stockholders -- or allegedly representative governments. But as much as there are tendencies toward corruption and all sorts of other problems with representative government, including within the so-called advanced social democracies, all governments are not the same.

    In fact, they can be very different. There's a big difference, for example, between a state that has been completely captured by corporate interests, and a state that hasn't been. There are big differences to be seen between governments that rule in such a way that their population is able to prosper, as opposed to those that don't, or can't.

    Given these observations about government, society and history that I have made, my take on the current precipice we're on is this: we can talk about which wars he's supported and which ones he hasn't, which military expenditures he's voted for and which ones he's voted against. He is far from perfect. But, as with Jeremy Corbyn in the UK, Bernie Sanders is not just the flip side of the same coin. There is no Sanders wing of the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party is a corrupt, captured institution, and Sanders' campaign is an insurgent campaign to take it over. A Sanders government could -- not would, but could -- be a qualitatively different sort of government, of the sort that could make a difference in whether we continue our societal march towards fascism or reverse course.

    It's a very, very long shot, to be sure. The entire corporate media, including the supposedly liberal outlets, are virulently opposed to Sanders (just as they are to Corbyn in the UK). The captured corporate leadership of his own party is horrified by his rise, just as the party's base is more excited than they've been in a very long time. Both the corporate and so-called "public" media will continue to trash Sanders at every opportunity, and his own party leadership would actually rather have fascism than even the threat of socialism -- they have made this clear over and over again.

    And then, if he gets the nomination, he'll have the corporate media, his own party, as well as all of the resources of the other party, to oppose his election. If he somehow manages to actually get into the White House, he'll then be opposed by the vast majority of members of both parties of the Congress, and the corporate media will immediately launch a campaign to depict Sanders and his administration as totally inept. The corporate elite will secretly conspire to sabotage the US economy and blame it on Sanders. They'll arrange shortages, like in Chile and Venezuela. And that will only be the beginning of the opposition to a Sanders presidency.

    The only way he'll even get as far as winning the nomination to be the Democratic Party candidate will be because of a massive groundswell that can't be ignored by superdelegates and corrupt officials. The kind of groundswell that threatens to disrupt business as usual, and keep disrupting it, until the state has been un-captured.

    A victory of any of the so-called "moderate" candidates -- the ones who favor a continuation of the neoliberal Reagan-Bush-Clinton-Obama status quo that led us to our current precipice -- will guarantee the further rise of the fascist movement that Trump represents, though it might delay it a bit. A Sanders or Warren victory could disrupt the trend enough that it makes a real difference. If, and only if, one of them gets elected, and then gets massive popular support in the streets, to the point that they are able to actually implement any of their social democratic policies, this could be an opportunity -- perhaps our last opportunity, not to be overly dramatic -- to avoid ongoing and untold suffering for so many societies, including ours.

    To be sure, a movement in the streets will be absolutely required for even the remotest possibility of a Sanders nomination. There are no rules, as you may have noticed -- the party leadership is making them up as they go along, in order to keep him out of office. It's not just about voting -- mostly not. But that's one small element of it. So yes, in case my conclusion for this thought process is not already abundantly clear -- take to the streets, shut the cities down, stop business as usual, as much as and wherever possible. But also, vote for Bernie.

    It's been a long discussion since the dawn of anarchism about voting in State-involved-elections or not. Everyone can decide to vote or not, including anarchists.

    My opinion is that participating in a process that goes against the principles of anarchism is not coherent and, as Audre Lorde said, "the master's tools will never dismantle the master's house". I refuse to play in a rigged game.

    To me, only a horizontally organized social movement, with clear goals and strategy could defeat Capitalism and its armed tool, the State. Sadly, I don't see such movement anywhere in the world and we have less time every second that goes by: In Spain, took decades of workers education and organization for the CNT to launch the Social Revolution when fascists started their coup.

    Anyway, Ricardo Mella said (I think) something like "if you want to vote, vote, but the next day fight for Anarchy".

    EVAnaRkISTO@DM at 2020-02-14T18:13:15Z

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    Today is my first day of being #vegan. Tips welcome!

    I've been trying to find in what social network Alberto Moshpirit is now, a former user who is a vegan activist and all I could found was his blog about veganism. At, although it's in Spanish, you'll find links to webpages about veganism in English.

    Also, this vegan group ( can be of help to you.

    Maybe you know everything you need about veganism. Anyway, hope this helps.

    EVAnaRkISTO@DM at 2020-02-13T21:53:04Z

    I've been a vegetarian for over a decade, so you're correct, I might well know everything I need to. Nonetheless, I did say tips welcome!

    I've had some interactions with Alberto in the past.

    Sadly, seems like I can't add myself to the group. Oh well.

    Doug Whitfield at 2020-02-14T17:51:42Z

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    Role: #Linux Systems Engineer
    Location: #Mason, #OH; #Louisville, #CO; #Minneapolis, #MN; Will also consider #Remote applicants
    Position Summary:
    Do you enjoy providing support of the day-to-day operations of public, private, and hybrid cloud services across a multi-site & virtual data centers? The Systems Engineer will work within a team that provides public and private infrastructure to the Perforce global organization.  In partnership with development teams, and business stakeholders, the Systems Engineer will understand stakeholder needs and execute infrastructure enhancements, cost management, standardization, lead troubleshooting efforts including coordinating disparate vendors/providers, monitor the health of infrastructure, and ensure the capacity demands are met in the most reliable and cost-effective fashion possible.

        Creates and manages infrastructure components and solutions that are re-usable and flexible across compute and storage of private and public infrastructure
        Implements a cost-effective operation of an on-premise/public/hybrid cloud IaaS, monitoring and configuration tools
        Participates in the continuous development, monitoring, and troubleshooting highly configurable and continuously deployable environments in public and private infrastructure
        Implements operational and security policies and procedures throughout service delivery lifecycle
        Administers and updates storage, data backup, system redundancies and disaster recovery systems
        Analyzes, installs, acquires, builds, modifies, and supports operating system templates/containers and application stacks
        Understands interrelationship of infrastructure components and applications
        Automates tasks for speed and consistency. Works with and extends configuration management tools
        Makes decisions on resolutions in critical down time situations when escalation is impractical


        Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, related field, or equivalent experience
        Minimum 3 years in IT operations
        Minimum 3 years of multi-site enterprise experience, including 24x7 operations and continuous availability
        Minimum 3 years Operational experience with the three of the following technologies: Systems Administration (Linux), Cloud IaaS (#AWS / #Azure), Software Development/Programming, Infrastructure Automation Tools (#Terraform, #Puppet, #Ansible), Networking (Routing, DNS, TCP/IP, SSL, DHCP, Load Balancing)
        Excellent verbal and written communicator
        Must be comfortable dealing with stakeholders in crisis situations
        Understanding of common Agile project management concepts
        Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
        Knowledge of software development process and continuous integration concepts, infrastructure automation tools, public and private cloud infrastructure technologies
        Strong interpersonal skills - must be able to work effectively as part of a project/program team and foster team cooperation

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    scrolling back a week, I see very few people talking to each other. Is all the conversation going on in private posts? Why do people still post to pump? I have a no stone uncovered policy when looking for help, but it certainly isn't my first go-to.

    I occasionally look. Right now I get busy with a wee bit too many medical appointments. Digital communications are difficult when I have to deal directly with people in meatspace.

    Family are also insisting that I utilize Facebook to interact with relations more. Facebook's algorithmic timeline is driving me batty. The account there may be nuked soon if it gets on my nerves too much.

    The best way to reach me right now is via Telegram.

    Stephen Michael Kellat at 2020-02-12T03:37:26Z

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    If I understand you correctly, that lack of interaction bothers me too. Aren't social networks supposed to be made to socialize? I tried every method I could think of to get that interaction, but most of the people don't reply to most of the messages.

    I don't know if it could be because of the number of inactive accounts which leads to less users, because I post about topics people aren't interested about (I try to vary such topics, although I post mostly about anti capitalism), or maybe there are other reasons I didn't think about.

    I just keep posting in because of Dianara. If I had to use web interface (hadn't use it for a long time) I would probably switch to another network or would just quit posting.

    EVAnaRkISTO@DM at 2020-02-12T17:38:17Z

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    People should comment more, even if it's nonsense messages like I do 😆

    JanKusanagi at 2020-02-12T17:44:18Z

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    people of the north (and the far south), how do you deal with the winters? I struggle heavily

    I get increasingly tired of this mess each year. This round I am looking to relocate. Right now I have some serious health problems that have to be tended to before I can do much of anything.

    Stephen Michael Kellat at 2020-02-12T03:38:22Z

    if you wanted to relocate to Cincy (Mason more accurately) I might be able to help with a job. Otherwise, our US offices are Minneapolis and Boston so darkness still a thing.

    And then we have Louisville, CO...cold still...and the Bay Area $$$$$$$$$$$$$

    There is word on the street about another acquisition though, which would be much further we'll see.

    Doug Whitfield at 2020-02-19T17:27:21Z

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    My new team (and my old team too, actually), is looking:
    Interact with end users on technical problems.
    Tier 1, 2 and 3 support for #CentOS and related #opensource products.
    Drive resolution of those problems, which include:
    Open source software issues.
    Questions around open source software usage.
    Questions around use and best practices.
    Review of the architecture and design where software is implemented.
    Conduct professional services and training engagements.
    Research, understand, and advocate open source software.
    Interact with various open source communities.
    Drive early resolution of issues.
    Be a part of the on-call rotation.
    Present knowledge via articles, blogs, and conference presentations.
    May require 15% travel while completing on-site consulting.


    Minimum of five years of software development and design or systems administration or level 3-4 technical support experience.
    Technical knowledge, skills and expertise in complex infrastructure, web-based software and enterprise software
    Understanding of software best practices; #SDLC, #SCM and #Agile development principles.
    Excellent written, verbal, and presentation skills
    Expert level in a number of open source packages.
    Broad and deep familiarity with multiple projects to include #Java and #J2EE, #JBoss, #ActiveMQ, #Drools, #HornetQ, #Hibernate, #Spring, #Linux (focus primary on #CentOS or #Ubuntu), #Apache #HTTPD, Apache #Tomcat, #MySQL, #PostgreSql, Open source project and community participation and Production/24x7 experience.
    Database administration; postgresql/mysql/ #mariadb experience very desirable
    Expertise in #Cassandra, #Kafka, and/or #cloud-native applications is a plus.