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I do A&R work for in Minnesota, Kentucky, DMV (DC, Maryland, Virgina), and North Carolina. You may also find me at and Every Sunday at 8am US Central, you can find me at

  • 2021-09-17T16:34:04Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    What are the differences in #tags and #labels in #prometheus?
  • 2021-09-07T20:54:50Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    why would build_url not be available to a #Jenkins instance?

  • 2021-09-01T20:13:09Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

  • 2021-09-01T19:19:10Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    Any good #ApacheCassandra podcasts?
  • 2021-09-01T18:46:23Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    Is it easy to downgrade your #jenkins version?

    I think the answer basically boils down depends

    Doug Whitfield at 2021-09-01T19:19:24Z

  • 2021-08-23T20:42:46Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    So, Docker Desktop handles K8s networking, but what's an easy way to do that on a test server? microk8s doesn't work in ovirt due to nesting VMs. It really seems like setting up a singe-node cluster should not be this hard.
  • 2021-08-18T21:18:30Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    Is it possible to set evm over kpatch? I am pretty sure the answer is yes, but evm is not set in boot param but is very much actually set, so want to get to the bottom of that. #linux #gnulinux

  • 2021-08-17T18:33:54Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    say your #SELinux config looks the same. Why would you get different SELinux output in /var/log/messages?

    for example, what is this bad boy?

    kernel: evm: security.selinux

    #linux #gnulinux
  • 2021-08-06T15:01:01Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    Seems like there is something screwy with #galera and #mariadb on #centos 7. It works great on #ubuntu.

    Maybe something in the name resolution stack? It just won't keep 3 nodes in a cluster. so weird.

    ok, I don't think we were setting rsync before. not sure what the default is.

    Doug Whitfield at 2021-08-06T15:14:24Z

  • 2021-08-04T21:57:20Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    Any #JDBC performance improvements in the last couple of years worth knowing about? #java

  • 2021-08-03T17:49:41Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    How many nodes is too many for #galera? 30 seems like a lot

  • 2021-07-26T14:07:35Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    #postgres dump schemas by default, right? What would be a reason why it wouldn't do that?
    I think they were using the -b flag incorrectly. Waiting for an update.

    Doug Whitfield at 2021-07-26T20:00:46Z

  • 2021-07-21T16:10:44Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    Anybody know if there is a supported version of this? #jenkins

  • 2021-07-12T15:42:05Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    We had an offer accepted for one of the 8 open positions on my team, so if you were thinking about applying for any of the #remote positions, please let me know ASAP!

    We do have several offices as well, if you prefer an office.
  • 2021-06-30T20:21:55Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    Any good #TomEE resources people want to share?

  • 2021-06-28T15:16:51Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    I don't have a credentials.xml. I don't know why. Did it get replaced? #Jenkins

    so, I think logging in to jenkins isn't covered by the credentials.xml

    Doug Whitfield at 2021-06-28T17:36:45Z

    I have since learned that the customer is using the CloudBees Role-Based Access Control Plugin. I'm not sure there is going to be a way to migrate those permissions, since they won't be able to use the plugin

    Doug Whitfield at 2021-06-28T20:10:19Z

  • 2021-06-24T20:40:33Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    I don't think Perforce has a gender issue. I don't think OpenLogic on the whole has a gender issue. My team though, depending on how you count is 12 or 13 men (or 14 if you include the boss). Now, the boss' boss is female (I think Tim reports to Jill anyway, maybe he reports to Dan. In any case, the VP of Support is a female).

    We have 1 Indian-American.
    We have 1 gay man.
    We have 2 black men.

    We have a pretty diverse group as far as off-work interests. One guy lives in an RV! Only two sets of two people live in the same state, though we do skew east coast. As I see it, not having more of the US-based team on the west coast is a problem, I don't think it is near a big a problem as the gender issue.

    I don't think we are doing super-horrible overall on the diversity aspect. The number is just too small to draw any huge conclusions, but the lack of any women is a huge problem if for no other reason than it is one that is going to get harder to address as the team grows.

    We are currently hiring 5, so we have a huge opportunity to start to fix this. Most of the candidates I have seen have been men, though I'm not super-involved in the hiring process. Most of the technologists I know are white men (although I should reach out to an Asian friend and see if he's looking).

    We are hiring 3 people in #Europe/ #UK, so in particular I would like to hear from Europeans on people to reach out to try to fix this. I don't know how much longer it will be until we start hiring, so I need to act fast if I am going to help fix this. Thanks in advance for any help!

    #womenInTech #diversity

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    Seems like the company is trying 👍

    JanKusanagi at 2021-06-27T23:51:40Z

    I'm not sure that's accurate. I'm not sure anyone has even acknowledged it as an issue other than me. I suspect this is because the company as a whole doesn't have this issue. I do think having every single person in the interviews be male is likely to turn off some women. I don't know if Jill (VP of Support) will get involved in interviews. If we were doing office interviews, I am sure she would. Maybe she still will. Maybe that will be enough. I'm skeptical, though I suppose time will tell.

    That said, management was really focused on finding people in Estonia for a while, which was really going to make finding anyone at all very difficult. They have sense realized that while Estonia does have good digital infrastructure, they simply lack the talent pool needed. We know there are talented people there. Perforce has offices there. The population just isn't large enough to have that many people *looking for jobs*. In any case, if all of a sudden we are a team of 19 guys, it is going to make it harder to recruit women in the future, and cutting out half the talent pool is not a wise decision.

    Doug Whitfield at 2021-06-28T15:30:29Z

    looks like we are going to interview one woman, but she doesn't appear to be in a place where we can hire. I'm unsure why we are even bothering with an interview. Just so we can say we interviewed a woman? These might just be the interviews in which I am going to participate though, as I'm not a manager or recruiter.

    Doug Whitfield at 2021-07-26T20:03:56Z

    seems incredibly likely we are going to add 8 dudes. Originally, I had said we were hiring 5, but I didn't realize that we were hiring multiple Big Data people.

    We ended up not interviewing that one woman, but as I noted last time, that probably makes sense. Oh well, at least we are hiring.

    Doug Whitfield at 2021-08-04T21:59:52Z

  • 2021-06-17T19:23:03Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    How does one remove a #servicemesh? (specifically #istio)

    With FIREEEE!! 🔥🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

    JanKusanagi at 2021-06-17T22:34:28Z

    it turns out that Kong adds some annotations in case Istio is installed, but Istio was not actually installed. We have come to find out that Kong is the issue. That's not something we currently support.

    Doug Whitfield at 2021-06-28T15:18:35Z

  • 2021-06-14T15:00:22Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    I’ve got a customer with what looks like a character encoding issue in either #elasticsearch or #fluentd.

    Here’s the message:
    2021-06-08 17:05:50 +0800 [warn]: #0 dump an error event: error_class=Fluent::Plugin::ElasticsearchErrorHandler::ElasticsearchError error=“400 - Rejected by Elasticsearch [error type]: mapper_parsing_exception [reason]: ‘failed to parse field [message] of type [text] in document with id ‘fPHe6nkBSuYtlT3W3H56’. Preview of field’s value: ‘’’” location=nil tag=“app.was-aiahk-intranet-prod-aiab-app1-SystemOut” time=2021-06-08 17:05:14.438022000 +0800 record=
    {“message”=>"[6/8/21 14:37:39:438 CST] 000000f6 SystemOut O {call bunch of nulls and some sensitive data,‘CANTONESE’)}

    I can’t tell at what point it is being recognized as Cantonese. Maybe that’s a metadata field. They gave what they claim is a fluentd config, but it doesn’t mention anything about character encoding. I’m waiting for their #log4j config.

    Any thoughts? Thanks!

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