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What i can say about me? I 'm Just an other person who was interesting by #Linux ♥》, her philosophy(#free #culture)...My hobbies are : #python and #C programming , arduino project ,pop art, manga , musics , travels... I am trying to be a good #maker.

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    #Linux What distro are you using in your computers?
    for me #Archlinux in my pc and #ubuntu_16 at home computer?
    Linux is in everything do you know that?...
    #Linux #foss #free!

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    >> Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠):

    “What's awesome about Mageia compared to Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu or Fedora?”

    Hard to make a reasonable comparison to all of those, but what I think makes it awesome in general is that it's community-based, like Debian, but really targeting novice users.

    One could say Ubuntu does that, but Ubuntu is not really community-based, and Mageia's roots targeting newcomers come from way before that, and even today has some novice-oriented tools that others lack. Sadly it doesn't have the same popularity (and therefore, resources).

    JanKusanagi at 2017-02-07T14:34:55Z

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    Xubuntu on the desktop, and Trisquel Mini on the old netbook.

    brashley46 at 2017-02-07T14:48:38Z

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    Hard to make a reasonable comparison to all of those, but what I think makes it awesome in general is that it's community-based, like Debian, but really targeting novice users.

    I think that was a very reasonable comparison. Thanks!

    clacke@libranet.de ❌ at 2017-02-09T13:17:31Z

    >> Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠):

    “I think that was a very reasonable comparison. Thanks!”

    I should add... Mageia has my three main public FS programs in their repos! That, by itself, is a reason why Mageia ROX, mwahaha ;)

    JanKusanagi at 2017-02-09T14:32:34Z

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    I want this #Opi Pc and the opi zero
    it very cheap and run #Linux
    an alternative for #rpi and #odroid?

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    /!\ Don't do it!!! /!\
    :-D ;-) :-D

    I have done it once.  And, I had to stay up all night to deal with the disaster.  No need to mention what happened on the next day.

    unsigned_nerd at 2017-10-19T09:31:33Z

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    sad but funny story :-)

    Michael_Heart at 2017-11-01T21:50:30Z

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    Make  your Pc free make your life free!
    #Free  Bios , #Free Os , #Free Computer , #Free Node #Free Apps....
    #Free #Life!!! #fsf #Libre #foss!

    That's some tag obsession you got there... xD

    JanKusanagi @identi.ca at 2017-02-02T09:29:47Z

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    Lmao Only true #Linux users can understand this!
    Lol you see my last #htag ?
    #GNU/Linux #free #

    One doesn't need to be a GNU user to understand this =)

    JanKusanagi @identi.ca at 2017-01-31T09:29:57Z

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    Where are you living?
    Me at Togo a small and rectangular country in west Africa!
    This is #Openstreetmap picture of my town!
    #foss #Linux!

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    True but not triangle for me Lol
    I do everything at one place Yes at one place
    who is it?!? My Bed.
    hahahaha!!!  :-D :-D

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    GOD VS GNU/LINUX who win?
    God: sudo apt-get install Peace
    �� > Peace do not Exist!
    God: apt-get install love
    �� >:Love not exist!
    God: kill everything
    ��> You need to specify what you kill
    God: Damn
    ��> Error comand do not exist!
    God: :-( :'( :'( :'( :'(

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    #3Dprinter de mon Fablab
    Maintenant j'ai envie de me construire une pareille a la maison :-)
    Very Nice! #3DAfrica !Gnusocial

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    I am gonna to sleep may be if not i go to some #irc channel to say hi :-p
    But take this #cosplay of #Hinata Cosplayer in the #Naruto Manga one of my fav Manga! #GoodNigth

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    Mon mini #PersonalNetwork #Ubuntu-#Archlinux-#and_the_orther(M$) Not #Google #Network but it look butiffull for me #DIY ;-)  :-)

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    Cet dilemme me tracasse Que choisir en remplacement de Mon #Ubuntu 14.04 doit-je Installer #Archlinux une distro #Linux qui me plait bien et que par ailleurs j'utilise depuis bientôt 2mois sans aucun problèmes?  Ou doit je retourné aux Sources même (#Debian #Slackware et autre?) Je me laisse encor un moment pour choisir le temps que la coopération #Micro$oft ♥ #Ubuntu se confirme! C'est Quand-même dommage :'(  qu'on en soi arrivé la dure sera la separation car #Ubuntu tu m'a tout appris tu ma donner le goût de LINUX par toi j'ai connu #Opensource lol J'en fait trop hahaha!!!! :-p

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    My Desktop at Saturday in #Xubuntu.An Ligth Linux distro based in Ubuntu but take #Xfce4 graphical environnement...

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    I love this guy #RichardStallman it look as God in this picture :-)  :-) isn't he? #Linux #GNU

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    Moi je me demande si #Ubuntu peut être encore considéré comme une vrai #distribution #linux? Pourquoi cette question ? Et bien ça fait quelques années déjà que Ubuntu inclue des logiciels propriétaires dans sa logithèque et maintenant stupéfaction losque j'installe la version 14.04 que je constate que ces logiciels propriétaire sont incluses dès l'installation par défaut....Je convient que un #LINUX fait pour être utilisés par tout le monde est une bonne chose car elle m'a permis a moi aussi de découvrir le monde LINUX que je pensais réserver au programmeurs et autres....Mais de là a pervertir la philosophie même du Libre et a s'associer avec micro$oft Window$....Je désapprouve se rapprochement cela fait 5ans que j'utilise Ubuntu quotidiennement mais cette année les rumeurs concernant cette coopération entre Windows et Ubuntu mon fait réfléchir et mon poussé vers une autre distribution linux.Ayant acquis une certaine expérience de la ligne de commande car fallait faire quelque dépannage sur mon pc :-) je me suis tourné d'abord vers Debian la distribution mère du quel dérive Ubuntu et co.

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    Hello guys I am new in this social Network named #pump.io and i am just trying to whish you a marry Xmas day! :-D :-)

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