Doug Whitfield

Minneapolis, MN, USA

I do A&R work for in Minnesota, Kentucky, DMV (DC, Maryland, Virgina), and North Carolina. In occurs to me that having such a minimal bio will make it hard to find me. I have no idea what my character limit is. You may also find me at and Basically every Saturday at noon US Central, you can find me at -- every Saturday someone will be there, at least for a bit.


  • cjiljdw

    Milwaukee, WI

    Most experience in bash, and GNU/Linux GNU CLI tools in general. recently 2 yrs full time perl developer; perl as hobby for 15+years.

  • Kevin Everets


    Interests in Free Software, sustainability, music, motorcycling, bicycling, and making the world better bit by bit

  • Jean-Marc Liotier

    Paris, France

    Infovore, father, photography, roller-skating, cycling, Africa, Free software, open networks, adventure, wargaming, cooking and more geekery

  • Michael_Heart

    Live in Archland

    What i can say about me? I 'm Just an other person who was interesting by #Linux ♥》, her philosophy(#free #culture)...My hobbies are : #python and #C programming , arduino project ,pop art, manga , musics , travels... I am trying to be a good #maker.

  • Debian Brasil

    Várias cidades, Brazil

    Comunidade brasileira de usuários e desenvolvedores Debian.

  • Yutaka Niibe

    Maebashi, Japan

    GNU wannabee ['gnu:be], FSIJ chairman, Debian Developer

  • Mònica

    A free software/culture lover and a Debian user/developer

  • Leanne Coady

    Waterford, Ireland

    Sports mad, big fan of Liverpool FC and the Indianapolis Colts. Linux Mint user.

  • Matthew Gregg

    Charleston, United States

    Mountain hacker stuck in the sand.

  • gregor herrmann

    Innsbruck, Europe

    Debian Developer. European citizen. OpenPGP key 0xBB3A68018649AA06. Content under CC-BY-SA 4.0.

  • Matthias Kirschner

    Berlin, Germany

    FSFE's President. Working for Free Software, so everyone can self-determined use, study, share, and improve software.

  • McScx


    now at


    Acracia de Iguales

    Cuenta secundaria por si cae la principal: Alternative account (2nd) just in case is down Anarchist and feminist "wanna be(e)"

  • Wikimedia Italia


    Operiamo per diffondere il sapere libero e per sostenere i progetti Wikimedia, come Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera

  • Question Copyright



  • Tom Lausvuo

    Helsinki, Finland

    Gnu/Linux, Debian, Mint, Ubuntu

  • Fernando

    Edinburgh. Scotland

    Programador, escribo en mi blog, juego Nintendo, leo cómics y colecciono camisetas que dicen cosas.

  • Free Software Foundation Europe

    Brussels, Europe

    non-profit organisation working on freedoms to use, study, share and improve software as critical for equal participation in the information age.

  • Distopico

    Earth Planet [ 4.570868, -74.297333 ]

    Animal rights activist, environmentalist, fullstack developer, free software defender and emacs evangelist.

  • Tim Nerenz

    Dr. Tim Nerenz is a 2010 Libertarian Party candidate for Congress from Wisconsin's 2nd Congressional district.