Love wine, Epicurus, Seneca, calisthenics and Crusader Kings. I am just searching for a discrete place on the internet to share what I want.

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    "There is nothing called ‘white’ in nature, it is only a human
    perception – humans perceive VIBGYOR [violet, indigo, blue, green,
    yellow, orange, red] colors together to give the sensation of whiteness"

    What else, taken for granted, is only human perception?
    How can someone study neurobiology without going mad? This book is like the fucking Necronomicon (the Neuronomicon).

    Besides, there is nothing like colors in nature. Everything you have is frequency.

    Meaning, when you look into the display of your mobile device, you are actually connecting to it using a wifi system, more or less ~400 to 600 Thz, (while normally a B/G/N Wifi works at 2.4Ghz). Eyes are just antennas.

    By the way, there is no reality, this is just how your brain puts together information it receives from nerves.

    People coming from different cultures, experiences, and even speaking different languages (or maybe more), aren't living in the same reality of you.

    milo at 2018-04-20T08:04:02Z

    Great comment, I'll research this topic as well.
    But first I think I need that beer... if it still exists.

    ck2noob at 2018-04-20T10:59:24Z

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    I am reading this book called "The Biology of Thought" and I have this idea today that our Self exists only as a combination of electro-chemical processes and matter, like a small scale society.
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    Shame on me
    I don't believe,
    the here and now
    is all we are living for.
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    "But as the gate swung wider and the sorcery of drug and dream pushed me through, I knew that all sights and glories were at an end; for in that new realm was neither land nor sea, but only the white void of unpeopled and illimitable space. So, happier than I had ever dared hoped to be, I dissolved again into that native infinity of crystal oblivion from which the daemon Life had called me for one brief and desolate hour."

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    Let's begin the day with a motivational quote:

    "Comedy and humor represent a temporary surrender to the illusion of living beyond one's instinctual limits in order to provide energy for the new vacillations of life."

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    First thing in the morning I read this article.
    Bye-bye productivity. Sigh.
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    In a moment of lucidity I uninstalled Crusader Kings 2... it was just eating up my life away. It had happened with Tash-Kalar as well a couple of years ago.
    Now time to move on.

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    Count Megistos Phokas had leprosy. However thanks to his good father he managed to marry the heir to the Kingdom of Italy and even to have a son (Kyrillos). He would have died as a count in Seleukeia, but his son inherited the Duchies of Lombardy and Modena.
    Now that he has finally died I can play again as a duke!
  • Runespell - Oblivion Winds

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    Friday 13th: an acquaintance of my wife passed away. Where does light go when we turn it off? What happens when the electro chemical reactions in our mind stop?
    Sometimes black metal seems so pure.

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    Uhm... I should give Skepticism a go. Let's see if I can find something by Sextus Empiricus.
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    I was reading this article on wine and there was this sentence:

    "Terroir—sense of place—is a human concept. It is only manifested through our individual senses and perspectives."

    Cannot this be said for all reality?

    This definition applies to everything.

    milo at 2018-04-13T13:14:18Z

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    After the death of Theodotos the title of Duke of Cilicia went to Nikephoros, but was lately usurped by his half brother.
    Nikephoros went back to be Count of Selekia and instead concentrated on studying the universe. However he found more than he was asking for...

    Nikephoros went deep into the study of Necronomicon and gained the lunatic trait. During a feast we found him naked owling at the moon! :D

    ck2noob at 2018-04-12T04:52:36Z

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    Theodotos Phokas, from small Count of Seleukia to Duke of Cilicia! You got only the best traits from your bitch mother and your cuckold father!
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    Sometimes I am like "No, it is not possible to develop a proper ethic system without at least studying what humanity knows about physics and the Universe."
    But then I am like "Yeah, but in the meantime what can I do?? I want a reference now! Fuck physics and metaphysics!"
    So I swing between Seneca, Epicurus, Epictetus, Lucretius...

    May I suggest beer? It works. You have no idea how efficient beer is, in solving the main problems of the humankind.

    milo at 2018-04-09T14:12:27Z

    Yes, it helps, and wine as well. And there are those special moments when you are semi-drunk and all of a sudden your senses are heightened and you are at the same time inside reality and outside of it.

    ck2noob at 2018-04-09T14:32:36Z

    >> ck2noob:

    “Yes, it helps, and wine as well. And there are those special moments when you are semi-drunk and all of a sudden your senses are heightened and you are at the same time inside reality and outside of it.”

    Uhm. I didn't said "a lot of" . :)

    milo at 2018-04-09T15:25:36Z

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    I am so disappointed by myself when I am reading Seneca on the train and for some reason the train stops and gets delayed and I start getting nervous or pissed off. Why the hell am I reading Epicurean and Stoic texts if I am troubled by such a trifle?
    The way to wisdom is really a long one.

    yes it is. patience.

    McClane at 2018-04-09T02:07:25Z

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    This is why romans never built a railway. :)

    milo at 2018-04-09T07:46:37Z

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    After having been banished, the bitch fled to Apulia and became the courtier of some dumbass lesser noble over there. Once again she managed to blowjob her way up the social ladder and next she married a vassal of the Doge, a commander. Then I suppose she started fucking half Venice and gave birth to another son. All comes with a price though and alas she got ill. As the screenshot says she died of some (venereal) disease. An intense life. Sic transit gloria mundi.
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    After I masturbate there is this moment when I feel a bit down, not like guilty or anything, but like "This had no sense at all". Those moments I like to cheer up myself by thinking about the famous philosopher Diogenes, the Cynic who lived in the barrel, who used to masturbate in public and comment afterwards: 'If only it were so easy to soothe hunger by rubbing an empty belly'. I also think about Lucretius' De Rerum Natura where he says: "But it behooves to flee those images; And scare afar whatever feeds thy love; And turn elsewhere thy mind; and vent the sperm, Within thee gathered, into sundry bodies" And I soon feel better :)
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    "Nec Veneris fructu caret is qui vitat amorem,
    sed potius quae sunt sine poena commoda sumit;
    nam certe purast sanis magis inde voluptas
    quam miseris; etenim potiundi tempore in ipso
    fluctuat incertis erroribus ardor amantum
    nec constat quid primum oculis manibusque fruantur.
    quod petiere, premunt arte faciuntque dolorem
    corporis et dentes inlidunt saepe labellis
    osculaque adfigunt, quia non est pura voluptas
    et stimuli subsunt, qui instigant laedere id ipsum,
    quod cumque est, rabies unde illaec germina surgunt."
  • Byzantine Bitch

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    This bitch is my daughter-in-law and I caught her fucking with three other fellow counts! Sorry for the choice son. She is one damn pretty bitch tho.

    Well, it's right there in the title, can't complain =)

    JanKusanagi at 2018-04-06T23:44:34Z

    She got the title after I exposed her. Also notice the 433 prestige, it seems that giving head earns you more prestige than fighting a Holy War. :)

    ck2noob at 2018-04-07T00:23:09Z