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Let's do a little experiment. It's obviously biased by my relative participation in each, but I'm comparing the reach of twitter, facebook, Diaspora, pump, G+, and GNU Social (plus anything that can talk directly to it...that is not via NavierStokes).

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Here are the final numbers

GNU Social/Mastodon: 49 31
Diaspora: 15
G+: 7
Twitter: 0

What's interesting is that on Diaspora, pump, and GNU Social, I all got actual comments about how the study was being conducted. I got literally zero comments on twitter or G+. There's all sorts of bias in this, but I have more "friends" on facebook by an order of magnitude and significantly more on twitter than the free platforms. So, it seems like people join the proprietary networks and just don't use them very much.

Doug Whitfield at 2018-04-22T14:26:42Z

Facebook is up to 29. The slow burn...

Doug Whitfield at 2018-04-23T13:39:35Z

Diaspora is up to 17

Doug Whitfield at 2018-04-29T01:19:58Z