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Let's do a little experiment. It's obviously biased by my relative participation in each, but I'm comparing the reach of twitter, facebook, Diaspora, pump, G+, and GNU Social (plus anything that can talk directly to it...that is not via NavierStokes).

Please like this if you see it. Obviously, if you want more people to like it, then you share it, but I'm only going to count likes.

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Counts of likes on different networks might not always be directly comparable to each other

Some networks can talk to each other

eg a like from Friendica or Hubzilla could turn up via Diaspora or GNUSocial

multiple networks can talk Diaspora protocols

multiple networks are rolling out Activitypub,

multiple (and quite a lot of) networks can talk oStatus

and its a good thing that people can communicate between multiple networks!

also there are also quite a few gateways, addons, apps, etc out there where people can connect between their accounts on different networks that aren't currently able to directly talk the same protocols to each other

(and connectors for accounts in proprietry networks also exist out there so even in those you can't always be sure what provided the UI where the user clicked "like")

not to mention also that users could also sometimes use an app which doesn't support like

(and even with a network which does - eg via a "twitter-like" api - apps designed for such api's don't always support like - such as the Pidgin plugin i tried a few years ago)

Michael at 2018-04-13T06:57:23Z

It doesn't really matter if people click anything. If they can send a like via a command line API, then that works. It's artificial to be sure, but the man point is the dispel the myth that the people and interaction are on twitter and facebook, which I think has been with some vigor, since twitter got zero likes (and zero shares and comments for people that want to count those instead). I'm not quite ready to give final counts since I am still getting comments and likes here and on facebook, but soon I should have some numbers from the experiment.

dw at 2018-04-16T16:39:19Z

looking forward to the results

McClane at 2018-04-17T21:41:57Z

Here are the final numbers

GNU Social/Mastodon: 49
pump.io: 31
Diaspora: 15
G+: 7
Twitter: 0

What's interesting is that on Diaspora, pump, and GNU Social, I all got actual comments about how the study was being conducted. I got literally zero comments on twitter or G+. There's all sorts of bias in this, but I have more "friends" on facebook by an order of magnitude and significantly more on twitter than the free platforms. So, it seems like people join the proprietary networks and just don't use them very much.

dw at 2018-04-22T14:26:42Z