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Developer of the Dianara pump.io client. Mageia GNU/Linux + KDE Plasma user. I also use Debian GNU/Linux and Archlinux. Jabber/XMPP chatter, Pumper, C/C++/Qt coder. Pump.io User Guide: https://pumpio.readthedocs.io/en/latest/userguide.html This is an alternate account to jankusanagi@identi.ca =)

  • A more privacy-friendly blog

    2018-04-23T13:42:13Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    “When I started this blog, I embraced some free services, like Disqus or Google Analytics. These services are quite invasive for users’ privacy. Over the years, I have tried to correct this to reach a point where I do not rely on any “privacy-hostile” services. ”


    Many, too many blogs, should take some notes from this post...

    Centralization of everyone's comments in the hands of something like Disqus is really ridiculous.

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  • /var/log/universe.log

    2018-04-23T00:58:58Z via Dianara To: Public, Stephen Sekula CC: Followers

    I'm pretty sure @Stephen Sekula will enjoy this =)

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    That is awesome. I wish I had that log file in real life. 

    Stephen Sekula at 2018-04-23T02:08:51Z

  • The Jabber/XMPP Newsletter, 30 March 2018

    2018-03-30T20:53:45Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    “Welcome to the second edition of our newsletter. ”


    XMPP rocks!! 🤘

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    Except no one uses it :-/

    Aqeel Zafar at 2018-03-31T20:16:09Z

    » Aqeel Zafar:

    “Except no one uses it :-/”

    I use it. And if you don't use it because "no one uses it", you're not helping.

    JanKusanagi at 2018-03-31T20:21:59Z

    Well, I use it, but no one I know uses it (except for one geeky friend, who tries each and every new IM service with me).

    P.S: I do have some other contacts, but they are mostly social media contacts I never really talk with, just added them because they use XMPP. :-/

    Aqeel Zafar at 2018-03-31T21:28:22Z

  • Gimp 2.10.0 RC 1 is out!

    2018-03-28T20:09:01Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    Announcement → gimp.org/news/2018/03/26/gimp-2-10-0-rc1-released/

    The amount of fixes and new features is great, but this post isn't about that... =)

    If you happen to start this new Gimp and are, like I was, horrified by the look, know that in the preferences you can still choose the "System" theme which will probably make it look like you had it before. It certainly did for me, using my Oxygen widget theme and my own (dark) custom colors.

    Same thing with the icons, which now seem to default to a monochrome/symbolic set (because that's the current supercool fad, right?), but you can still select the classic theme, plus now you can set their size!

    Cheers! o/

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  • Swift 4.0 Jabber/XMPP client is out!

    2018-03-21T16:36:34Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    We’re excited to announce that Swift 4.0 has reached full release status. The packages can be downloaded from the releases page and a full list of new features can be found in the 4.0 changelog.

    We encourage everyone to get the new build and try it out, and give us feedback on our latest release.


    A great Jabber client for novices (but not just for them!).

    The screenshot I've added here (from one of the posts about the betas, though) shows the "trellis mode".

    Some of the changes:

    • New chat theme including a new font
    • Support for message carbons (XEP-0280)
    • Enabled trellis mode as a default feature, allowing several tiled chats windows to be shown at once
    • Redesigned keyword highlighting
    • Improve date formatting
    • Fix Last Message Correction in multi client scenarios

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    Is there support for any kind of encryption? The "Security" section of the Swift website mentions only authentication.

    Splicer at 2018-03-29T16:53:03Z

  • Cryptocurrencies

    2018-03-13T20:14:05Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    "Everything you don't understand about money, combined with everything you don't understand about computers."

    -- John Oliver, Last Week Tonight

    Well said xD

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    "Last Bit Tonight, with Block Chainiver" xDD

    JanKusanagi at 2018-03-13T20:33:42Z

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    Exactly!!!! Add Law to it and I'll never understand a thing about it!! XD

    EVAnaRkISTO at 2018-03-13T20:48:12Z

  • Plasma Mobile on Librem 5 progress report

    2018-03-13T14:41:59Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    Initial Plasma Mobile enablement on Librem 5 i.MX 6 test boards

    “Working closely with the KDE community, we were able to install, run, and even see mobile network provider service on Plasma Mobile! The purpose of this article is to show the progress that has been made with Plasma Mobile on the current Librem 5 development board. Here, the setup steps and overcome challenges are highlighted. ”


    Not bad =)

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  • Happy International Women's Day!!

    2018-03-08T19:37:33Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

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    All capitalist (and USAmerican's) references remove the concept of "working class" to workers celebrations (women in this case; double-workers, at least, who are the ultimate important subjects). o/

    EVAnaRkISTO at 2018-03-08T19:48:26Z

  • The Jabber/XMPP Newsletter, 28 February 2018

    2018-03-01T22:43:32Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    “Welcome to the first edition of our newsletter. ”

    Great compilation of all kinds of recent news about the Jabber/XMPP decentralized IM/VoIP network =)


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  • Qt 5.11 Alpha Released

    2018-02-20T15:40:20Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    Qt 5.11 Alpha is released today. As usual the official Alpha is a source code delivery only, but later we will offer development snapshots of Qt 5.11 regularly via the online installer.

    Please check Qt 5.11 New Features wiki to see what new is coming with Qt 5.11 release. Please note that the feature list is still in progress and not to be considered final before the first Beta release.

    Next milestone in our way to final Qt 5.11 release (which is planned to happen in May) will be first Beta release. We are targeting to get it out as soon as possible soon after the Alpha. We will release several Beta releases in similar manner as before, available via the online installer.

    Please download the Qt 5.11 Alpha source packages from your Qt Account or from download.qt.io.

    Most importantly, remember to give us feedback by writing to the mailing lists and reporting bugs.


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  • The New KDE Slimbook II: A sleek and powerful Plasma-based Ultrabook

    2018-02-08T21:41:25Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    There is a new KDE Slimbook on sale as from today. The KDE Slimbook II is svelte and smart on the outside, but powerful and fast on the inside.

    To start with, it comes with a choice between an Intel i5: 2.5 GHz Turbo Boost 3.1 GHz - 3M Cache CPU, or an Intel i7: 2.7 GHz Turbo Boost 3.5 GHz with a 4M Cache. This makes the KDE Slimbook II 15% faster on average than its predecessor. The RAM has also been upgraded, and the KDE Slimbook now sports 4, 8, or 16 GBs of DDR4 RAM which is 33% faster than the DDR3 RAM installed on last year's model.

    Other things to look forward to include:

    • a crisp FullHD 13.3'' screen,
    • the dual hard drive bay that gives you room for a second hard disk,
    • a bigger multi-touch touchpad that supports all kinds of gestures and clicks,
    • a slick backlit keyboard, more powerful WiFi antennas,
    • and 3 full-sized USB ports, one of which is the new reversible USB-C standard.

    You can check out the KDE Slimbook's full specs here (note that the Katana II is made by the same people and is the same hardware, but does not come with KDE neon pre-installed and pre-configured).

    The KDE community has worked closely with Slimbook to make sure that everything works as it should. After test-running the KDE Slimbook II extensively, we can confirm it is sleek, we can confirm it is powerful, and we can confirm that beginners and power users alike will enjoy this full-featured and modern Plasma-based laptop.


    Niiiice =)

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  • AkariXB v0.5 is out!

    2018-01-11T17:57:21Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    New year, new releases!

    Today I'm releasing a new version of AkariXB, my bot for the decentralized Jabber/XMPP network with a graphical interface.

    Some of the main changes include:

    • Honor "Send Messages To" setting in Activities.
    • Log outgoing private messages in corresponding chat module tab.
    • Ability to detach processes for commands of "Run program" type. *** Previously defined commands of this type will need to be reconfigured. *** (This means it can launch GUI programs).
    • Keyword-based commands will list possible queries when no parameter is given.
    • Qt 4 is no longer supported.

    Release post: jancoding.wordpress.com/2018/01/11/akarixb-v0-5-is-out

    Cheers! 🤖 beep!!

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  • Repology

    2018-01-10T21:55:36Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    Today I found this nice service that keeps track of many, many different versions of a given package, across many different repositories for different GNU distributions: repology.org

    It's similar to pkgs.org, but much more exhaustive and detailed.

    See for instance, the versions page for Dianara, or the packages page (sort of extended mode of the versions page).

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  • Happy GNU year!!

    2017-12-31T23:06:43Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    Happy 🐃 year, pumpers! =)


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    happy gnu year to u too

    Michele Montagna at 2018-01-01T04:33:28Z

    Feliç any nou :)!

    XeQuinPasme at 2018-01-01T13:24:05Z

    Happy bear year! Has GNU changed its mascot? ;-)

    EVAnaRkISTO at 2018-01-01T18:21:27Z

    Happy GNU year to you too.

    Vladimir at 2018-01-01T22:35:57Z

  • Dianara 1.4.1 released

    2017-12-30T17:43:36Z via Dianara To: Public, Mònica CC: Followers

    Happy holidays, pumpers! 🎄

    I've just released a new version of my Pump.io client, Dianara. The main change since v1.4.0 is the ability to save and restore drafts in the post editor. (Full CHANGELOG is here)

    As announced some time ago, v1.3.7 was the last version to support Qt 4.x. Qt 5 is required since 1.4.0. The bad news is that, at this time, users of distributions such as Debian 9 can't build with the version of QOAuth present in their repositories, based on Qt 4. Current Debian Testing/Sid is fine though. Debian 9 might get the required versions in backports at some point.

    Release post: https://jancoding.wordpress.com/2017/12/30/release-of-dianara-v1-4-1/

    Cheers! 🙌w

    EDIT: I've found this great information source to keep track of package versions across GNU distributions: repology.org/metapackage/dianara/versions Neat!

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    could qt be built from source on systems that don't have the packages

    (or any system - the user might want a local install)


    anyway these days I prefer to have local installs of applications just as the user rather than root.

    less chance of anything breaking the system or anything making changes to libraries used by other unrelated applications or any other still-wanted applications disappearing or breaking

    Michael at 2017-12-31T12:19:11Z

    Cool, someone is working on getting Dianara into Fedora's repositories! Big thanks! =)

    » Michael:

    “could qt be built from source on systems that don't have the packages (or any system - the user might want a local install)?”

    I'm not sure I understand the question, but I don't know either way, sorry.

    JanKusanagi at 2017-12-31T16:36:52Z

    Happy GNU year!! And thank you for this Xmas present!!

    I think I remember talking about this feature but since you made to get this awesome one, I'm writting it down: any option to automatically save the drafts? like LibreOffice does: every X minutes your work gets saved. I think it would be very cool to have here :)

    Kind regards!!

    Alberto Moshpirit at 2018-01-01T14:51:26Z

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    » Alberto Moshpirit:

    “any option to automatically save the drafts? like LibreOffice does: every X minutes your work gets saved.”

    Well, it could be considered, yes =)

    On another subject, Dianara is now in Fedora's repos, for F26 and later \o/

    JanKusanagi at 2018-01-02T18:19:36Z

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  • Me vuelvo a lo normal... JA! xD

    2017-12-28T15:35:17Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    [English note]

    Debo confesar que llevo ya mucho tiempo sintiéndome un paria social, usando soluciones de hippies para cosas que no hacen más que complicarme la vida, y me he cansado.

    He decidido instalar MSWindows 10 en mi PC, para dejar de usar software cutre hecho por 4 aficionados en sus ratos libres. El cutremóvil con ROM alternativa lo tiraré en la primera papelera que encuentre, y me compraré un buen iPhone X, para poder disfrutar de todas las increíbles ventajas que ofrece el mundo moderno. Todo funciona con "apps", y va siendo hora de adaptarse. Que los amables proveedores de estos servicios recopilen un poco de mi información personal es algo de lo más normal, para hacer su trabajo correctamente y darme un gran servicio que haga mi vida más cómoda. ¿Para qué luchar contra el progreso?

    Eso en lo técnico. En lo social, más de lo mismo. Todo el mundo está en Facebook, Twitter, Instagram y WhatsApp.

    Pues ya me he cansado de estar aislado, así que me acabo de registrar en Facebook y Twitter. En cuanto tenga el iPhone X que pretendo comprar, instalar WhatsApp será lo primero que haga. ¡Ahora sí que ligaré!

    Supongo que seguiré usando Pump.io, al menos si consigo compilar Dianara en MSWindows. Supongo que lo conseguiré rápidamente, ya que siempre dicen que en MSWindows todo es muy fácil, y la gente no dice esas cosas a la ligera. Aunque imagino que lo usaré mucho menos, dado que ¡ahora mi vida social será vibrante! Jabber/XMPP lo mismo. Supongo que lo seguiré usando, pero bastante menos, ya que en cuanto tenga WhatsApp podré comunicarme con el 99,999% de la gente, y por tanto, tendré poco uso para Jabber, y estaré muy ocupado. C'est la vie!

    Bueno pues nada, ¡ahora empieza la buena vida! =)

    [In English]

    EDIT: Vaya, no ha colado... ¡¡me pregunto por qué!!

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    Microsoft, Google, FB & Co. are not so bad, but free software is better, I suppose :)

    Matteo Bechini at 2017-12-28T19:53:54Z

    No cola. Avui és 28 de desembre ;). 

    XeQuinPasme at 2017-12-28T22:13:51Z

    » XeQuinPasme:

    “No cola. Avui és 28 de desembre ;).”

    Eh? Aqui diu 29 =)

    JanKusanagi at 2017-12-29T00:24:10Z

    jejeje bueno interesante la verdad XD

    mohadip at 2017-12-30T14:20:56Z

  • Auralquiz on Haiku

    2017-12-21T11:58:57Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    Looks like Auralquiz, my music quiz game, builds just fine under the Haiku OS. Qt everywhere!!

    Too bad there are no actual backends for Phonon, the sound system it uses to play the music, in the HaikuDepot repos (yet), but still! =)

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  • Call for Testing: Dianara 1.4.1 Beta

    2017-12-09T21:10:04Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    A couple of days ago I tagged the development version of Dianara, my Pump.io client as beta, preparing for the release of v1.4.1 by the end of the month. As usual, some wider testing would be helpful. If you can build from source, now's a good time to do so and test it. If you already run an often-updated version from git, feedback would be appreciated.

    The main change since v1.4.0 is the ability to save and restore post drafts.

    CHANGELOG file.

    As announced several months ago, v1.3.7 was the last version to support Qt 4.x. Qt 5 is required since 1.4.0. The bad news is that, at this time, users of distributions such as Debian 9 can't build with the version of QOAuth present in their repositories, based on Qt 4. Current Debian Testing/Sid is fine though.

    Please let me know if you find any issues that are not listed in the BUGS file, or in the issue tracker.

    Also, if you maintain any translations, now is a good time to update them!


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    >> JanKusanagi:

    “» JanKusanagi:
    “[...] but there's a undefined-symbol-related error at the end of compilation. [...]”
    Well, no luck. I tried using Debian Sid's libqoauth2 with Sid's qca2-qt5 stuff (which is present in Ubuntu repos) to avoid the linker error at the end of the build process, but that brings other errors due to mismatch in OpenSSL versions.

    I guess the only option for Ubuntu users ATM is building libqoauth2 (with Qt 5) themselves, before building Dianara.”

    I am happy to do that. Can you send me the correct site/repo from which to checkout libqoauth2? I am not confident I have been grabbing it from the correct place.

    Stephen Sekula at 2017-12-16T03:13:41Z

    » Stephen Sekula:

    “[...] an you send me the correct site/repo from which to checkout libqoauth2? [...]”

    The repo is github.com/ayoy/qoauth, which I imagine is the one you're using.

    It might help to look at how Debian builds it.

    JanKusanagi at 2017-12-16T03:29:47Z

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    >> JanKusanagi:

    “» Stephen Sekula:
    “[...] an you send me the correct site/repo from which to checkout libqoauth2? [...]”
    The repo is github.com/ayoy/qoauth, which I imagine is the one you're using.

    It might help to look at how Debian builds it.”

    So, I got QtCrypto and QtOauth to build. But now when I try to build Dianara, I get this:

    ../src/mainwindow.cpp:539:5: warning: identifier ‘nullptr’ is a keyword in C++11 [-Wc++0x-compat]
         logViewer = new LogViewer(nullptr); // under Plasma 5, for instance
    ../src/mainwindow.cpp: In constructor ‘MainWindow::MainWindow(QWidget*)’:
    ../src/mainwindow.cpp:539:31: error: ‘nullptr’ was not declared in this scope
         logViewer = new LogViewer(nullptr); // under Plasma 5, for instance
    ../src/mainwindow.cpp: In member function ‘void MainWindow::showUserTimeline(QString, QString, QIcon, QString)’:
    ../src/mainwindow.cpp:3207:45: error: ‘nullptr’ was not declared in this scope
                                                 nullptr); // No parent, independent window
    ../src/mainwindow.cpp: In member function ‘void MainWindow::toggleLockedPanels(bool)’:
    ../src/mainwindow.cpp:3225:43: error: ‘nullptr’ was not declared in this scope
    Makefile:1220: recipe for target 'mainwindow.o' failed
    make: *** [mainwindow.o] Error 1 


    I had to edit the Makefile and manually force the use of -std=c++11. That did the trick. Wonder why that wasn't set automatically when creating the Makefile?


    So now it gets a teeny bit further and this happens:

    g++ -c -std=c++11 -m64 -pipe -O2 -Wall -W -D_REENTRANT -fPIC -DQT_NO_DEBUG -DQT_WIDGETS_LIB -DQT_GUI_LIB -DQT_NETWORK_LIB -DQT_DBUS_LIB -DQT_CORE_LIB -I../../dianara-dev -I. -isystem /usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu5/QtOAuth -isystem /usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/Qca-qt5/QtCrypto -isystem /usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5 -isystem /usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/QtWidgets -isystem /usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/QtGui -isystem /usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/QtNetwork -isystem /usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/QtDBus -isystem /usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/QtCore -I. -I/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/mkspecs/linux-g++-64 -I/usr/include/QtOAuth/ -o pumpcontroller.o ../src/pumpcontroller.cpp
    ../src/pumpcontroller.cpp: In member function ‘void PumpController::getImage(QString)’:
    ../src/pumpcontroller.cpp:475:31: error: ‘FollowRedirectsAttribute’ is not a member of ‘QNetworkRequest’
         imageRequest.setAttribute(QNetworkRequest::FollowRedirectsAttribute, true);
     I will see if I can track that one down.  The qnetworkrequest.h header on my system (Ubuntu 16.04) comes from this package:

    Package: qtbase5-dev

    State: installed
    Automatically installed: no
    Multi-Arch: same
    Version: 5.5.1+dfsg-16ubuntu7.5


    I edited pumpcontroller.cpp and changed "FollowRedirectsAttrbute" to "RedirectionTargetAttribute", which is a defined attribute in my version of this header. It compiled. Whether that is the correct thing to do, I cannot say...

    OOF. It was not probably the right thing to do. Dianara seg faults upon startup... not sure why, of course, but something went horribly wrong...

    Stephen Sekula at 2017-12-16T18:03:59Z

    Woah, so much info =)

    I don't think you need to manually build "QtCrypto" or Qca-qt5, the versions already available in Ubuntu's repos should be enough... I guess xD

    That network redirection thing requires Qt 5.6, but you could just comment out that line, and you would just be losing the ability to get images inserted in posts whose links redirect somewhere else, so probably not much.

    The std=c++11 thingie used to be manually specified prior to dropping Qt 4 support, but given the compiler and C++ standards requirements of Qt 5, I thought it was no longer necessary. I imagine your version of Ubuntu has a pretty old version of GCC or for some reason doesn't use c++11 or later as a default syntax.

    I'm not sure all this work you're doing to get this to build will be worth it ^^

    JanKusanagi at 2017-12-16T19:42:45Z

  • Dark Background and Light Text

    2017-12-02T22:35:18Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    Can you imagine what a web browser extension called "Dark Background and Light Text" does? =)

    I'll tell you what it does: amazing things!

    I've used similar extensions in the past to "counteract" the ultrawhiteness that plagues the WWW, but this one is much, much more capable. You can have per-site settings: disable for some sites, use a different "coloring method" (Stylesheet processor, simple CSS, invert) for others... and it's a WebExtension, so it can be used in Firefox 57+, and other browsers =)


    Source: github.com/m-khvoinitsky/dark-background-light-text-extension

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    Just installed and testing it: Good to save energy and there are some pages that look weird. l guess I'll give it a test time.

    EVAnaRkISTO at 2017-12-02T22:49:32Z

    BTW, you can have per-site settings: disable for some sites, use a different "coloring method" for others...

    So far it's worked really great for me =)

    JanKusanagi at 2017-12-02T23:01:12Z

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    » JanKusanagi:

    “[...] BTW, you can have per-site settings [...]”

    Yeah, I just saw that option. Thanks!

    EVAnaRkISTO at 2017-12-02T23:06:23Z

    the "inverted" settings allows for colour differencial - which i found important for one site i visit a lot.

    George Standish at 2017-12-03T02:35:14Z

  • Swift 4.0-rc3: Now available

    2017-12-01T14:38:58Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    “A new release candidate for Swift 4.0 is now available for download.

    Swift 4.0-rc3 can now be downloaded from our releases page and includes the Dutch and German translations updates made since 4.0-rc2.

    With this release we provide a new binary package, an AppImage for 64-bit Linux systems. ”


    Swift is a very easy to use Jabber/XMPP desktop client, ideal for new users =)

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