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Developer of the Dianara pump.io client. Mageia GNU/Linux + KDE Plasma user. I also use Debian GNU/Linux and Archlinux. Jabber/XMPP chatter, Pumper, C/C++/Qt coder. Pump.io User Guide: https://pumpio.readthedocs.io/en/latest/userguide.html This is an alternate account to jankusanagi@identi.ca =)

  • Archlinux32

    2017-09-21T21:16:13Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    I have an old laptop (Pentium 4) that I don't use much but is good for testing stuff, running Archlinux.

    Back in January they announced that they'd stop supporting the x86 32bit architecture, but soon after some community members stepped up and created the Archlinux32 port.

    They're now at the point where they're encouraging more "adventurous" users to start testing the migration to the new repos and packages, so I did!

    It was very simple and mostly flawless, except that the SDDM login manager crashed on startup, but that's been fixed with today's updates, so... so far so good!

    It's now working nicely as usual =)

    Thanks... arch32ers!!

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    I think Archlinux did the right thing cutting away 32-bit support. I also believe these people are doing the right thing reviving it. Awesome!

    Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠) at 2017-09-22T06:51:59Z

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  • Purism and KDE to Work Together on World's First Truly Free Smartphone

    2017-09-14T15:22:42Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    Purism and KDE are partnering to help KDE adapt Plasma Mobile to Purism's Librem 5 smartphone.

    KDE develops Plasma Mobile, a free, open and full-featured graphical environment for mobile devices. Plasma Mobile has been tested on several off-the-shelf devices. However, most smartphones include hardware that requires proprietary software to work. This clashes with KDE's principles of freedom and openness. It also makes building difficult, since many details of the hardware are kept secret, preventing complete access to all the components. ”


    Coooool =)

    Hope they succeed!!

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  • Call for Testing: Dianara 1.4.0 Beta

    2017-09-13T22:33:32Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    It's that time of the... trimester? again!

    Last week I tagged the development version of Dianara, my Pump.io client as beta, preparing for the release of v1.4.0.

    I have a few details to polish, but some wider testing would be helpful. If you can build from source, now's a good time to do so and test it. If you already run an often-updated version from git, feedback would be good.

    The main changes since v1.3.7 include:

    • Movable side panel and movable toolbar, after unlocking (left side of screenshot).
    • Attachment icons will match the mimetype of the attachment, using your system's iconset (upper-right).
    • Optional "activity icons" in the minor feeds (lower-right).
    • Notifications will also make the window "demand attention", which usually results in some sort of taskbar/dock entry flashing in some way, in most desktops. Enabled by default, but can be disabled.
    • Better zoom control in the image viewer.

    (Full/current CHANGELOG file)

    As announced, v1.3.7 was the last version to support Qt 4.x. Qt 5 is required for 1.4.0. The bad news is that, at this time, users of distributions such as Debian 9 can't build with the version of QOAuth present in their repositories, based on Qt 4. Current Debian Testing/Sid is fine though.

    Test away, and let me know if you find any issues that are not listed in the BUGS file, or in the issue tracker.

    Also, if you maintain any translations, now is a good time to update them =)

    Cheers! o/

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    Genial =D

    A probar Dianara 1.4.0 beta!

    GNUstav Huarcaya at 2017-09-13T23:20:11Z

  • Last Week Tonight: Joe Arpaio

    2017-09-12T18:39:17Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    Apparently the Dangerous Clown pardoned this jewel of Law Enforcement.


    Just wow.

    Fascists are alike

    EVAnaRkISTO at 2017-09-12T18:41:12Z

    >> JanKusanagi:

    “[...] Apparently the Dangerous Clown pardoned this jewel of Law Enforcement. [...]”

    Yes, true. Inadvertantly he may have caused Arpaio more trouble. Having accepted the pardon (as I believe is the case) Arpaio cannot appeal the conviction. This does not remove the conviction from his record and he is still a felon. Under Arizona law, a felon who has served his or her entire sentence can vote again, but there may be other steps necessary for him to restore his right to own firearms, which no doubt he does.

    But in any case, he has to disclose the felony conviction on any application he makes in the future.

    Splicer at 2017-09-12T18:52:18Z

  • The Defenders

    2017-09-05T19:07:51Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    Hype completed =)

    It wasn't as good as it could have been, because there was so much potential to live up to, I think, but it was good!

    A must-see if you like (some of) the other series in the Marvel-Netflix corner of the MCU.

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    In my opinion, Defenders rescued Iron Fist from the debacle that was the Iron Fist series. It did it so well I'd even recommend people watch Iron Fist (even though it was terrible) just to make sure they are up on all the characters and plot points. Iron Fist is one of my childhood heroes so this was a big relief.

    It was somewhat light on plot. Fortunately, it was only eight episodes so it didn't ever seem stretched out. But characterization was strong. They left me wanting more, which is exactly right. Thumbs up.

    Splicer at 2017-09-07T18:45:57Z

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  • So, I'm no longer using Mageia 6...

    2017-08-01T10:09:44Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    ... because I'm already on Mageia-7-to-be, a.k.a. Mageia Cauldron, a.k.a. development branch xD

    The temptation was too great!! And so far so good =)

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  • Survey: Dianara activity icons

    2017-07-19T16:31:43Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    I've been working on a feature for my Pump.io client, Dianara, to show "activity icons" in the minor feeds. That is, for a "someone posted a comment in reply to whatever", it will show a "post" icon next to it, or in the middle of it, or behind it. For a "favorited something", it will show a heart or similar, depending on your system iconset, and so on.

    I have been testing the 3 approaches shown in the image:

    • Icon before avatar, fully separated.
    • Icon before avatar, but sort of "behind" it.
    • Icon after avatar, before activity description, fully separated.
    • 4th one would be in the style of the 2nd one, but located after the avatar, like the 3rd.

    I've been thinking of ways to support more than one style without overcomplicated code, but I'd like to get a feel of what people prefer/find horrible. There will be the option of not having these icons appear at all, of course =)

    So, which style do you prefer?

    EDIT: This can be tested now in the developmen version.

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    I like agree with Stephen Sekula about being on the icon before avatar, fully separated. However, as a comment on the icons themselves, the green circle seems like it might be more appropriate for when someone uses the "Share" link to re-post something from someone else?

    jxself at 2017-07-19T21:24:46Z

    » jxself:

    “[...] However, as a comment on the icons themselves, the green circle seems like it might be more appropriate for when someone uses the "Share" link to re-post something from someone else? [...]”

    Well, the icon you see there depends on your system iconset.

    It's the 'view-refresh' icon from the Freedesktop.org spec. In your iconset, it might be something else entirely, although they are usually some kind of arrow pointing to itself.

    As Pump.io is now, at least, the 'share' activities don't appear in the minor feeds, so this particular confusion couldn't happen =)

    JanKusanagi at 2017-07-19T21:34:30Z

    OK, there's now a rough implementation of this in the development repository, for anyone who wants to see it first hand. Or, you know, first eye =)

    If you change this setting, the new effect will be visible when new stuff is received, or if you go to the bottom of a minor feed and click "Older Activities" to receive older stuff.

    This setting is located in the "Timelines" page of the program configuration window.

    JanKusanagi at 2017-07-20T23:07:08Z

    I like how Mastodon and Pleroma do reposts with a full avatar for the original poster and a small avatar in front, in the lower corner of the big one, for the reposter.

    The action sigils could be the same. I comment, there's a little comment arrow in my corner, I like, there a little heart/star/whatev in my corner.

    Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠) at 2017-07-21T07:30:16Z

  • Announcing Mageia 6, finally ready to shine!

    2017-07-16T17:19:31Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    "The whole Mageia community is extremely happy to announce the release of Mageia 6, the shiny result of our longest release cycle so far! It comes with many new and exciting features, a new range of installation media and the usability and stability that can be expected from any Mageia release. See the Release Notes for extensive details."

    Yeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! \o/

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    Known issues with upgrades from Mageia 5.

    Not surprisingle, most people's issues are related to Nvidia's proprietary c***...

    JanKusanagi at 2017-07-22T18:14:27Z

  • GLOW

    2017-07-13T17:36:14Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    Not bad, not bad! =)

    We will be inviiiincibleeee ♫

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  • TIL: Mesa 17 downgraded OpenGL support for my old netbook

    2017-07-06T23:01:56Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    TL;DR: if you run GNU , have old Intel-based graphics, and start having OpenGL issues, this might interest you =)

    I have an old-ish eeePC netbook running Debian Sid with Plasma desktop (what else? ;)

    Up until the Stretch release, everything was fine. Soon after that, Mesa was upgraded from 13.x to 17.x, and some time later, I realized that Plasma didn't have compositing anymore (i.e. desktop effects weren't working).

    Some investigation led me to realize that the Mesa upgrade was the culprit. With Mesa 13.x, the reported OpenGL version was 2.1. With Mesa 17.1.4, reported OpenGL version was 1.4, which Plasma (Kwin) sees as not enough for its compositing.

    Also, mpv couldn't use the OpenGL video output.

    While compiling info to open a bug report to Debian, the very very helpful people at #debian-qt-kde@irc.debian.org pointed me to this post on Mesa's mailing list explaining the issue (the hardware doesn't really support OGL 2+).

    After further investigation, I set MESA_GL_VERSION_OVERRIDE=2.1 in my /etc/environment and voila, Plasma's compositing works again like a charm, and so does mpv! \o/

    Thanks, Debian people, especially tosky!

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  • Dianara on FreeBSD

    2017-06-23T17:50:41Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    Building current Dianara-git (therefore, Qt 5 required) on a FreeBSD VM.

    Only a minor adjustment to their qoauth-qt5 was required =)

    I'll have to look into reporting the issue to their ports people!

    As a "bonus", it was built with clang instead of GCC, which as tests go, is nice to see working fine.

    What was the adjustment to qoauth-qt5?

    Splicer at 2017-09-12T23:24:27Z

    I don't really remember. I think it was a matter of editing the "oauth.prf" file that comes with it, so that a certain path variable points to the correct directory where the QOAuth .h files are located.

    JanKusanagi at 2017-09-12T23:32:03Z

  • Debian 9 "Stretch" is out!!

    2017-06-18T12:40:21Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    “After 26 months of development the Debian project is proud to present its new stable version 9 (code name Stretch), which will be supported for the next 5 years thanks to the combined work of the Debian Security team and of the Debian Long Term Support team. ”


    Congrats! \o/

    Seeding 3 different ISOs now =)

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    I ... honestly thought Stretch was out. :-)

    Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠) at 2017-06-19T00:38:09Z

  • Pump.io 4.1 Beta is out!

    2017-06-16T11:58:37Z via Dianara To: Public, AJ Jordan CC: Followers

    The beta for the upcoming 4.1 version of the Pump.io server is out!


    Big thanks goes to @Alex Jordan and a few new contributors =)


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  • The Orville

    2017-05-23T13:32:14Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    Sort of a Star Trek parody, from Seth McFarlane. Looking pretty good =)

    Trailer on Youtube.

    IMDB entry (also with trailer).

  • The pumpiverse is a better place when we use titles in posts

    2017-05-21T16:36:43Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    Please, use them whenever possible, they really, really help =)

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    Update the web UI to include an option for a title when posting a note. It'd go a long way to what you're asking.

    Jason Self at 2017-05-21T19:48:16Z

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    >> Jason Self:

    “Update the web UI to include an option for a title when posting a note. It'd go a long way to what you're asking.”

    Believe me, people often don't use the title field when posting images (which allows titles), or when using almost any other client (which often support titles on anything).

    Hence the 'whenever possible' =)

    This is mostly addressed to people who don't realize that using titles has advantages. We don't necessarily need to have a "Meanwhile" full of "a note, a note, a note", it can be much more useful.

    Obviously if someone has something against using titles, by all means, don't use them...

    JanKusanagi at 2017-05-21T20:17:40Z

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    When in the Web UI, I often share a 1-pixel image so I can add a title.

    In AndStatus ... Well, I should be better at requesting features for AndStatus.

    Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠) at 2017-05-21T23:58:40Z

    >> Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠):

    “In AndStatus ... Well, I should be better at requesting features for AndStatus.”

    You could add your +1 to this issue =)

    JanKusanagi at 2017-05-22T00:26:32Z

  • Open Discussion Day 2017!

    2017-05-19T15:53:00Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    Once again, May 19th is here!


    Jabber/XMPP and federated networks in general, FTW! =)

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  • The little things...

    2017-05-17T01:38:59Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    I've spent some time today polishing a feature of Dianara that will be appreciated by 1% of its users, 1% of the time xD

    Now, posts which have a non-media file attached (that is, not 'image', 'audio' or 'video' types, but the generic 'file' type), will show the icon matching the file type, taken from your system's iconset of course =)

    Also, when clicking on the icon or the Download button to save the file to your computer, the suggested filename will have the proper extension. Until now, these kinds of attachments always suggested the ".bin" extension due to a server limitation.

    Sadly, Pump.io's capability to attach audio, video and other files is rarely used by people at the moment, but when the time comes, this will make these posts look better!

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    Now with readable file type descrition (i.e. "PDF Document" in the case of this screenshot) :p

    This description should be localized, but YMMV =)

    JanKusanagi at 2017-05-17T21:28:12Z

    And now with movable side panel and toolbar!

    JanKusanagi at 2017-05-19T15:06:13Z

  • Plasma 5.10 Beta is out!

    2017-05-15T13:30:23Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    “Monday, 15 May 2017. Today KDE has made a testing release of our desktop Plasma 5.10 with new features across the suite to give users an experience which lives up to our tagline: simple by default, powerful when needed. ”



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  • A cappella videogame music

    2017-05-14T15:32:30Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    Street Fighter's Ryu theme: youtube.com/watch?v=jumLQ9aPshM

    This man is simply a genius!

    Many more 80's and 90's game songs in Smooth McGroove's Youtube channel. =)

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