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"There is nothing called ‘white’ in nature, it is only a human
perception – humans perceive VIBGYOR [violet, indigo, blue, green,
yellow, orange, red] colors together to give the sensation of whiteness"

What else, taken for granted, is only human perception?
How can someone study neurobiology without going mad? This book is like the fucking Necronomicon (the Neuronomicon).

Besides, there is nothing like colors in nature. Everything you have is frequency.

Meaning, when you look into the display of your mobile device, you are actually connecting to it using a wifi system, more or less ~400 to 600 Thz, (while normally a B/G/N Wifi works at 2.4Ghz). Eyes are just antennas.

By the way, there is no reality, this is just how your brain puts together information it receives from nerves.

People coming from different cultures, experiences, and even speaking different languages (or maybe more), aren't living in the same reality of you.

milo at 2018-04-20T08:04:02Z

Great comment, I'll research this topic as well.
But first I think I need that beer... if it still exists.

ck2noob at 2018-04-20T10:59:24Z