Dianara 1.4.0 is out!

JanKusanagi at

STOP! Release time!

I've just released a new version of my Pump.io client, Dianara. The main changes since v1.3.7 include:

  • Movable side panel and movable toolbar, after unlocking (left side of the screenshot).
  • Attachment icons will match the mimetype of the attachment, using your system's iconset (upper-right).
  • Optional "activity icons" in the minor feeds (lower-right).
  • Notifications will also make the window "demand attention", which usually results in some sort of taskbar/dock entry flashing in some way, in most desktops. Enabled by default, but can be disabled.
  • Better zoom control in the image viewer.

(Full CHANGELOG is here)

As announced, v1.3.7 was the last version to support Qt 4.x. Qt 5 is required for 1.4.0. The bad news is that, at this time, users of distributions such as Debian 9 can't build with the version of QOAuth present in their repositories, based on Qt 4. Current Debian Testing/Sid is fine though. Debian 9 might get the required versions in backports at some point.

Release post: https://jancoding.wordpress.com/2017/09/30/dianara-v1-4-0-is-out/

Cheers! o/

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This looks like something that will have to go down the path of "snap" packaging since so many dependencies are missing in Debian and therefore Ubuntu.

Stephen Michael Kellat at 2017-10-01T17:28:07Z

» Stephen Michael Kellat:

“[...] since so many dependencies are missing in Debian and therefore Ubuntu.”

Well, not so many, just one, which is already present in Debian Testing, and therefore will probably be in Ubuntu 18.04, I imagine.

AFAIK, the new dependency could even get to Debian 9 via the backports repo.

Choqok also needs that same thing, so extra interest =)

JanKusanagi at 2017-10-01T17:34:17Z

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