Dianara 1.3.7 is out!

JanKusanagi at

Hi there, inhabitants of the pumpiverse! o/

I've just released a new version of Dianara, my Pump.io client for desktop computers.

Not much new, mainly a reworked image viewer that now allows zooming the image with the mouse wheel (or equivalent touchpad mechanism), dragging the image around also with the mouse, shows the zoom level, and actually rotates animated images correctly =)

Besides that,

  • Fixed case-insensitive sorting of contacts in auto-completion lists, when typing @ while creating a post. This means that “Person A” will appear next to “person b”, not after “Z-contact”.
  • Your server's version will be shown in the log.

As for the future, this will be the last of the 1.3.x series. Next release will be 1.4.0 and will not support Qt 4.x.


Cheers! 🖖

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>> Scott Sweeny:

“I'm getting a 404 on the savannah download link.”

Yes, their SFTP wasn't working, so a few minutes ago I finally investigated and found out why. I've now pushed it via scp, so just give it some time for mirrors to sync =)

JanKusanagi at 2017-03-27T15:49:22Z