why the pumpiverse is so quiet... < UPDATED for date & newest version!>

zykotick9 at

********** Checking Pump.io servers...

Public servers (have, or had, open registration):

identi.ca: Server: pump.io/0.3.0-alpha.1 express/2.5.11 node.js/v4.2.6
microca.st: -- FAILED -- (SSL issues)
mipump.es: Server: pump.io/1.0.0 express/3.21.2 node.js/v4.2.6
fmrl.me: -- FAILED -- (SSL issues)
pumpity.net: -- FAILED --
pumpdog.me: -- FAILED -- (SSL issues)
1realtime.net: -- FAILED -- (SSL issues)
pumpit.info: -- FAILED --
pumpbuddy.us: -- FAILED --
pumprock.net: -- FAILED -- (SSL issues)
hotpump.net: -- FAILED -- (SSL issues)
pumpyourself.com: -- FAILED -- (SSL issues)
urmf.net: -- FAILED --
i.rationa.li: -- FAILED -- (SSL issues)
datamost.com: Server: pump.io/2.1.1 express/3.21.2 node.js/v6.9.5

Private servers (some might allow registration upon request):

e14n.com: -- FAILED --
zombienet.org: Server: pump.io/2.1.1 express/3.21.2 node.js/v4.7.2
pump.saz.im: Server: pump.io/2.1.1 express/3.21.2 node.js/v6.9.4

*** Check complete! ****** 13 failed! (5 were OK)

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Well mostly thanks to @JanKusanagi @ DM who made the script. I just run it on my server :-)

sazius at 2017-02-08T19:20:32Z

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thanks @JanKusanagi

zykotick9 at 2017-02-08T20:10:18Z

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Interactions with this post in the Meanwhile feed made me realize that Pumpa is apparently "being careful" and ensuring the Title field has proper HTML entities in place of special characters.

But apparently the title field does not expect HTML formatting, which causes the "posted a comment in reply to Blah &lt; bleh &gt;" beauty =)

I'll let @sazius know.

JanKusanagi at 2017-02-08T22:21:48Z

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