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  • Tupulpo


    dom i ogród - kobieta #rodzina # dziecko finanse blog Blog lifestylowy i poradnikowy - - Lifestylowy

  • dudeista


    In cerca del mio posto nel mondo...

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  • ancomsabs

  • Tom Tishken

    Grand Island, United States

    Look for me, KD4WOV, on,, twitter, ex-friendfeed, foursquare, Freenode irc, facebook, google hangouts, and echolink (Node: KD4WOV-R). You can hear me over ham radio and if you hear me, give me a call. My background is electronic engineering, 2 way radio, computers, and technology. Also on many mastodon as kd4wov, and

  • Blog de SEO

    Misterdigital es un blog de SEO y marketing online.

  • José Antonio Seguido Doblado


    Open source philosophy...

  • h0axd


    Network Ninja. Forever chased by the ghost of Russian Bruce Lee

  • Krugor


    #floss #commons #gnulinux #ric etm epnm #dia #monnaielibre #permaculture

  • Splicer

    Clifton Park NY USA

    I blog at and dream of the day when my blog and everyone else's will be federated.

  • José Antonio Seguido Doblado

    Alcalá de Henares, Spain

    Cuenta inactiva. Me puedes encontrar en

  • Doug Whitfield

    Minneapolis, MN, USA

    Every Sunday at 2pm US Central, you can find me at

  • wakest

  • Jackson de Jesus

    ... aqui e ali...

  • Sean Tilley

    San Francisco, CA

    A geek, apparently.

  • Akari-chan


    Pues naci hace un puñado de años, y aqui ando... Usuaria de Jabber/XMPP, GNU/Linux+Plasma, y la red Pump.

  • miguel

  • SirJohnDoe

    home is ~

  • nobru

  • milo

    IrgendWO , NRW

    Father, Judoka, Geek, Libertarian, and... I don't taste like chicken. Author of the famous manual "Installing NetBSD on Mom's Huge Dildo, HOWTO, part 1 & 2". *BSD guy. Writing from Germany. xmpp: