Falkon browser 3.1.0 released

nukem at


  • add support for writing plugins in QML
  • add MiddleClickLoader Python plugin
  • add page sharing to KDE Frameworks Integration plugin
  • add basic support for client certificates (QtWebEngine >= 5.12)
  • add support for registering custom protocol handlers (QtWebEngine >= 5.12)
  • change search bar appearance to match other KDE apps
  • use DBus instead of lockfile/socket to check and communicate with other instances (Linux) #404494
  • whitelisted cookies are no longer deleted when deleting all cookies
  • Python plugin support is now stable
  • close entire tree after middle click on collapsed tabs in VerticalTabs plugin #399217
  • fix some compatibility issues with QtWebEngine up to 5.12
  • fix some possible crashes in AdBlock
  • fix builds with standalone QtWebEngine releases

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