AkariXB v0.7 released

JanKusanagi at

I've released a new version of my Jabber/XMPP bot with a GUI, AkariXB.

Some of the changes for this release include:

  • When joining a chatroom (MUC), old backlog messages will not be processed.
  • Added a menu option to abort ongoing (maybe stuck) connections.
  • Added basic documentation in a help window.
  • Nicer, categorized logging, including subscription-related messages and presence errors, and using rich text formatting.
  • Basic contact list (roster) management.

Also, 3 of the available translations, French, Spanish and Catalan are complete now.

Release post: jancoding.wordpress.com/2019/02/09/akarixb-v0-7-released/

Cheers! 😄

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