AkariXB v0.5 is out!

JanKusanagi at

New year, new releases!

Today I'm releasing a new version of AkariXB, my bot for the decentralized Jabber/XMPP network with a graphical interface.

Some of the main changes include:

  • Honor "Send Messages To" setting in Activities.
  • Log outgoing private messages in corresponding chat module tab.
  • Ability to detach processes for commands of "Run program" type. *** Previously defined commands of this type will need to be reconfigured. *** (This means it can launch GUI programs).
  • Keyword-based commands will list possible queries when no parameter is given.
  • Qt 4 is no longer supported.

Release post: jancoding.wordpress.com/2018/01/11/akarixb-v0-5-is-out

Cheers! 🤖 beep!!

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