Beta release of Plasma 5.16

JanKusanagi at

Today KDE launches the beta release of Plasma 5.16.

In this release, many aspects of Plasma have been polished and rewritten to provide high consistency and bring new features. There is a completely rewritten notification system supporting Do Not Disturb mode, more intelligent history with grouping, critical notifications in fullscreen apps, improved notifications for file transfer jobs, a much more usable System Settings page to configure everything, and many other things. The System and Widget Settings have been refined and worked on by porting code to newer Kirigami and Qt technologies and polishing the user interface.
And of course the VDG and Plasma team effort towards Usability & Productivity goal continues, getting feedback on all the papercuts in our software that make your life less smooth and fixing them to ensure an intuitive and consistent workflow for your daily use.


Best desktop environment on the planet 😎

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