JanKusanagi at

Then... Cinelerra? 🤣

Upon seeing the title and initial question, I was going to say "Kdenlive" 😅

So... if that one's too complex... Many years ago I tried Pitivi briefly and I remember it being much simpler (i.e. crappier 😁). No idea about how it has evolved, but it might be suited for your purposes.

For subtitles you might want to consider a proper subtitling tool like SubtitleComposer.

EDIT: Also, LiVES?

@jankusanagi@datamost.com ah, thanks! I tried OpenShot, and like its simplicity for some things, but found myself missing a lot of the features of kdenlive. The idea of a separate subtitling tool is helpful!

Blaise Alleyne at 2018-12-26T03:17:54Z