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it's slow today. Are the Europeans celebrating the fact the EU will stick around? ❌ likes this.

Not really, but happy that a far right candidate was defeated in the French elections.

sazius at 2017-05-08T18:31:07Z

Far right defeated, neoliberal elected. El-Khomri law still in effect, national health insurance plan under attack, privatisations proceeding on schedule ... la lutte continue.

B. Ross Ashley at 2017-05-08T19:41:44Z

Well, I tried to pick out the one good thing to celebrate :-)

sazius at 2017-05-08T20:06:15Z ❌, brashley46, Christopher Allan Webber likes this.

a girl called Chaz‏ @xarexerax May 7

Me from 2002: so what's 2017 like
Me, 2017: well, France is about 40% Nazis
02: Holy shit
17: also, that's the good news ❌ at 2017-05-10T01:20:55Z