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I could not find Impeller on F-Droid.
I had to go through Google Play and the list of permissions required is appalling.

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do you know if it intended behaviour to only show the bio of people on tapping their username? I'd expect a list of their posts.

I'll try the Dianara for desktop though :)

SirJohnDoe at 2018-04-04T20:42:30Z

I don't know how Impeller works, I don't have a device for running it.

Showing their posts is currently only possible if they're on your same server, so I imagine Impeller doesn't implement that for that reason.

JanKusanagi at 2018-04-04T20:59:08Z

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People were indeed on different servers. That was my hypothesis as well, makes sense I guess.

SirJohnDoe at 2018-04-04T21:01:31Z

Will Dianara for Windows be maintained, by the way?

Sybarith at 2018-05-03T15:31:45Z