Best country for privacy?


Every time Identi.ca is down (I can't find a Donate link and I don't know hot to use safe and anonymously cryptocurrencies), given that I find lack of interaction and active users in pump.io I've been thinking since some time ago about migrating to another social network. I dislike the idea of learning how a new social network works (I love Dianara for pump.io), building a new social circle just to find out the same lack of interaction. Been that said, my foremost concern is: which country would be the right to ensure my privacy when creating an account and using the node services?

First country that comes to my mind , because of Proton's publicity, is Switzerland. Other apps proppose Iceland, and I believe Netherlands could be a suitable country for privacy. Nonetheless, searching for information about Five Eyes Alliance, built by five countries for massive Internet traffic spying, more countries join to espionage: Six Eyes, Nine Eyes, Fourteen Eyes, (including further intelligence sharing collaborations, where those three countries are included).

Looking up in the Internet I find contradictory informations: In [BestVPN.org] Best countries for Internet privacy, for instance, Greece is shown as first best country (it's included in further intelligence sharing collaborations, and after the theft European Comission commited on them I doubt they have any technology independence), Canada (Five Eyes founding member) as second and Hungary, with dictador-like Viktor Orban as President, as fourth. In Countries With Strong Privacy Laws and in The five best host countries for website data privacy Iceland appears first. I found disgusting Most Free Countries: Best and Worst Countries for Internet Freedom because three of the Five Eyes Alliance founding members (including USA) are in the top five.

Besides, in all links say that such countries privacy regulations are applied to their citizens, not to the users of the servers hosted at their territories.

Any idea about wich country would be best for Privacy?