Microsoft loves Open Source?


I don't think so, but let's assume they do. What they don't love is Freedom. What follows next is an example:

Microsoft hostility 

"As some of you might have noticed, Microsoft (owner of Hotmail, Outlook, Live, Office360, etc.) is rejecting all emails originating from Disroot.org servers. Once reported to us, we immediately contacted support at Outlook as it was not the first time we have been targeted by Microsoft (last year for no reason, all emails from Disroot were marked as spam)."


"Perhaps if their users start asking questions, Microsoft will finally review the reasons they have blocked us for - and maybe be so kind to explain it to us - or simply unblock. So contact Microsoft!. However, you'll discover how hard it to get in touch with them! One way though is through this page:


Please, take a stand, get involved, repost and share so we can together get Microsoft's attention and undo this block."

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