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Moscow, Russia

Open Source multiple accounts client for multiple Social networks, including GNU social, Mastodon, Twitter and AndStatus can combine your feeds from all networks into one Timeline, and it allows you to read and post even when you are offline. For Android v.7.0+ devices.

  • Note - @megver83 I fixed addition of new account in and released #AndStatus v…

    2020-07-04T06:57:58Z via AndStatus To: Public, a(n) person

    @megver83 I fixed addition of new account in and released #AndStatus v.57.04
    Available for download now at

    Thank you for reporting the problem!
    URL: shared this.

  • 2018-02-05T05:19:32Z via AndStatus To: Public

    While helping one of my friends to make UI of his application more responsive, I found out that #AndStatus needs similar fixes also... As a result of this discovery potentially long file access operations (actually, all file access functions) where moved to asynchronous tasks. And timeline scrolling became smooth!
    Please try v.36.09 (currently in beta ) shared this.

  • 2017-02-07T16:18:38Z via Web CC: Public