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After attending the last three LibrePlanet conferences, I'm not going this year - and probably never again :(

FSF has decided to make LP a "Safe Space" (I believe they simply renamed their Anti-Harassment Policy, the contents of which I have NO problems with).  While "Safe Spaces" are hip with the leftist crowd right now, I think these anti-science, anti-free-speech, anti-white male policies are cancer. 

I will not financially support an organization that implements these types of policies, thus I will be letting my FSF membership lapse.

Safe Space = not safe for science/facts
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@clake in "this case" it is only an issue of wording, in other "safe space" cases - it is more.  BUT, the FSF of all groups, should know the importance of words - and the power they can hold.

zykotick9 at 2018-03-23T22:16:52Z

So, I watched John's opening, and the beginning of Deb's talk (I liked the cyberpunk reference)...  then the IRC channel's topic was changed to put Safe Space front and center.  I closed IRC and stopped watching the stream.

zykotick9 at 2018-03-24T14:24:31Z

@George Standish I'm sorry to hear you won't be attending again. I'm not sure I understand this issue fully, but I do hope you take your concerns up with the FSF before lapsing your membership.

Ben Sturmfels at 2018-03-25T11:11:54Z

@stumbles I totally understand why FSF is selecting this to adopt the "safe space" title - it's what is expect at "leftist" conferences, I get it...  I completely disagree, but I understand why they have this as policy.  I believe this is just a part, of my disillusionment with leftist ideas and ideals currently.  I think freedom of speech is essential for free societies, and that view has become heresy amoungst my former "peoples" - like here on pump.io ;)

zykotick9 at 2018-03-26T00:32:39Z