Is Randall O'Toole becoming a Georgist?

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Randall O'Toole is well known as a guy who doesn't believe public transportation is a wise public investment. He seems to come to this conclusion by neglecting the willingness of people to pay up for locations with good transit service. The one time I heard O'Toole speak, at a Heartland event, he reminded me of the automated guy who announces stops on the 'L' trains -- not wrong, but incomplete and awfully loud.

But Fred Frailey writes some great columns, so I did want to read his interview with O'Toole in the current issue of Trains. (It's probably behind a paywall, but your local public library might be able to link to it.) O'Toole of course still doesn't generally support spending tax money on trains, but regarding the northeast corridor Amtrak service he says "The only taxes that I think ought to go to support those trains would be taxes from property owners who benefit from the density that the trains support."

Sounds Georgist to me. He just said "property" when he must have meant "land."