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datamost.com is now running pump.io version 4.0.0 beta 5 for the next 24 hours. Please report strange occurrences.

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sounds too much like it might do too much third party stuff,

I lost trust in npm altogether a while ago because of there being too many third party depedencies and too much complexity in everything.

Michael at 2017-04-16T09:57:47Z

I am just a bit worried about that trend in recent years pretty much everywhere (not just around node or npm) of so many dependencies pulling in more dependencies pulling in more dependencies.pulling in more dependencies. how long can each chain in every branch of that get?

how many additonal things do I beed to trust when I install a package?.

(yes I know there are no univeral "correct" answers to such questions just putting them out there because they express a very REAL fear)

sorry probably off-topic and not really related to pump.io -

I have only positive feelings about the community and a movement forward for the code gets a YAY here!

Michael at 2017-04-23T23:49:53Z