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A response to @gargron's post in support of antifa, in the context of mozilla supporting, at My original post at

TL;DR: antifa is an organisation that perpetrates political violence and performs acts of terrorism. is a bunch of people with an anti-capitalist agenda who want to get people off Facebook. They're like @hannes2peer and @mmn, just bigger and more organized.

If you want to support a network service provider who supports antifa, support instead.


Two things:

1) There is excellent left-wing criticism of antifa and their methods. I suggest you read it:

2) is not antifa. (also linked above is, to my knowledge, not

The direct connection between antifa and is a meme mainly coming from one article by two kekistani alt-right guys, who present some flimsy evidence for it.

Even that Counterpunch article by Anthony DiMaggio got it wrong initially, so your confusion and the confusion of that steemit post is understandable. is an anarchist (Bakunin sense) and therefore anti-capitalist collective that provides anonymous and/or decentralized services to left-wing activists as an alternative to corporate network services. It is a fact that many antifa people use their services, and it's possible that agrees with that use, or otherwise that it would be's best interest to take a stance against such groups to clarify things, but I see no statements on the site to indicate that they endorse political violence.

I'm sure there are antifa people on and too, that doesn't mean those servers and their admins support political violence.

Now, if you want to bring up a similar example of a network service provider that actually officially supports antifa tactics and therefore political violence, that would be who express explicit support for Autonome Antifa Freiburg, who advocate e.g. violence against the police.

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