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I saw some people have an account on and I think it's very useful, but since I exists, I think I should just use it instead of creating more e-fingerprints.

About me:

[ He / him ]

Spaniard. Currently living in Andalusia, Spain.

Physics student (almost physicist), competitive debating advocate and vegan.

I mostly listen to metal but I'm open to other kinds of music styles as well.

Sometimes I do some activism on reddit for animal rights, create some logos on Inkscape or translate some apps.

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Mastodon: (like Tw)

PixelFed: (like Ig)

Not that used social networks:

GNU social: (also like Tw)



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For e-mail or JID you can always send me a private message (I'm not writing it down to avoid SPAM) through any of my accounts here or through the contact section on the blogs.