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"My" bar is closing tomorrow :(

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This was the first "bar" I ever went to, underage at 18 to see the Canadian band 13 Engines.

Also, the only place I've seen my favourite band Front Line Assembly perform.

While, it's true, I haven't been there in years - it makes me very sad to think it won't be there anymore...

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>> George Standish:

“it is certainly the most famous drink made there - I believe I've only ever had one in my life - and I have NO idea what's in it, sorry.”

As long as lemon tied to a brick is somehow involved, we are _good_.

Stephen Sekula at 2017-05-13T21:48:45Z

lol... i'm not sure we are "good" ;)

George Standish at 2017-05-13T21:51:57Z

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I went 1 more time! I stood in line for about an hour to get in, on the 2nd last night... meet some nice guys in the line, which helped pass the time... ended up meeting an old high school friend - we caught up. joked about the "hot' women all being 23 years old... <- while we are MUCH older... I learned some fun facts about some of my grade school friends... overall = good times - for my last Zaphod's outing. PS. they where out of MOST alcohol, so Gargle Blasters where NOT on the menu :( or I would have ordered one. Saw a couple of old staff, there as patrons, but Heath (my old bartender) seemed to still be on staff - I ran into him as he was walking in from the green room - he gave me a big hug (which i liked, in a non-homosexual way - though I hug very few men in my life). My high school friend had performed at Zaphods a number of times, with his band A Plot Against Me - so he also had a "sadness" about it's closing. Zaphods I will always remember you fondly!

George Standish at 2017-05-14T06:20:04Z

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