Plasma 5.13 is out!! \o/

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Today KDE unveils the final release of Plasma 5.13.0.

Members of the Plasma team have been working hard to continue making Plasma a lightweight and responsive desktop which loads and runs quickly, but remains full-featured with a polished look and feel. We have spent the last four months optimising startup and minimising memory usage, yielding faster time-to-desktop, better runtime performance and less memory consumption. Basic features like panel popups were optimised to make sure they run smoothly even on the lowest-end hardware. Our design teams have not rested either, producing beautiful new integrated lock and login screen graphics.

New in Plasma 5.13:

  • Plasma Browser Integration
  • System Settings Redesigns
  • New Look for Lock and Login Screens
  • A tech preview of GTK global menu integration.
  • The Mouse System Settings page has been rewritten for libinput support on X and Wayland.
  • A new dialog pops up when you first plug in an external monitor so you can easily configure how it should be positioned.

And much more!!


Introduction video (youtube.com)

Coming soon to a GNU distirbution near you! (and to FreeBSD, etc xD)

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