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Most reports are saying "daring pilots", "only the Dutch!" and so on. I don't want my pilots to be daring, I want them to be careful and safety-conscious.

Some are saying it seems like this flight had a good window to land safely, near the eye of the typhoon and with the winds blowing the right way for a landing, so they did.

Others are saying it looks more like exactly the kind of reckless behavior the headlines are praising.

The most sober report seems to be this first one:

> “They were pretty strong [winds]. Depending on the angle to runway, they would be in excessive of the landing limits,” an experienced local pilot with Cathay Pacific Airways said of the weather conditions at the airport.

> No bravery involved. Winds were in line with runway.

> To be fair, the METAR is showing wind straight down the runway. So legal (cross winds are what shut runways) but give the windshear caused by Lantau, certainly more balls than brains

> "[ . . . ] the tropical storm had not yet reached the airport," said a KLM spokesman for NH News.

I haven't found what "NH News" is, if it's really a New Hampshire newspaper being the only ones to talk to KLM about Hong Kong or if it's something else entirely.