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Autism Speak does not speak for people with autism

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Nice of them to carry a warning label: "In partnership with Autism Speaks".

Here are some organizations Kiehl's could have partnered with instead:


Autism Speaks does not speak for people with autism. Of the money given to Autism Speaks only 4% (2010 budget) is used for helping people with autism. There are no people with autism in the leadership of the organization. 44% (2010 budget) of their money is being used for research, but not research on how to improve the lives of people with autism. They are focused on finding a "cure" for something that cannot be cured, and are in the meantime focused on improved pre-natal diagnoses, which can limit the number of people with autism in the future (itself controversial), but does nothing to help people who are affected.

I *am* happy to see that their homepage now says there is no link between vaccines and autism, but their talking points on a supposed rise or even epidemic of autism and their continued description of autism as a problem to be solved, or that autism "took my child from me", rather than something you live with and adapt to, the condition being inseparable from your child, stigmatizes people with autism.

Don't buy #kiehls as long as they partner with Autism Speaks.

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